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Well, this is a story. I honestly dont know what will happen and im the author! Lets say its full of mysteries. :)


3. Finding Jessica

Liam Pov:
Me and Niall walked around a while until we saw Aaron reading something. "Hey Airbear!" Niall said. She shoved whatever she was reading in her bag and got up. "Hey Nialler, Liam!" She said turning and looking at us. "What were you doing?" Niall asked. "Just reading something thats all. Hows Harry?" She asked, still worried. "He's awake. He sent us on a misson to find you." I said with a smile. "Mission acomplished." She laughed. "Lets go see harry!" Niall said. "Yeah lets go." She smiled. "Airbear!" Harry said as soon as she stepped into the room. "Haz!" She smiled. "So, what happened?" He asked. "Um..well we were walking inmthe woods to go fishing and there was a snake. I heard the rattling and saw it by you and i went to grab it but it struck at me and then it bit you.." She says upsetly. "Im fine though love." He said. She smiled. "Well im gonna go out in the woods for a while. Ring me if you need me." She says and leaves. I wonder what she was reading..
Aaron Pov:
I went out to the woods and stared at the letter while walking. Who's Savannah? but whos Jessica?..I cant hide this from the boys, or my family! I'll just have to tell them when im ready. I saw something in a bottle on the ground. Maybe its another clue! I picked it up and sat under a tree. I opened it up and shook the note out and read it:
Dear Savanah, my mom said they found a cure. But they said they wouldnt be able to get there on time. You were right, i miss you alot. Please dont go..dont
leave me here! Your my best friend. I cant go on without you! Please write back as soon as possible. With Love, Jessica.

I wonder what Savanah was talking about in her last letter about a sickness she has. I wonder what it could be...Maybe Cancer? I dont know...but i wonder
who these girls are! This could be a mystery from a very log time ago! Who knows..i might just end up solving it by myself. I decided i would journey more tomorrow. I headed home and sat next to Liam on the couch. "Did everyone go to bed?" I asked. "Yeah love....i have to tell you something." He said. "Yes?" I asked. "I like like...more than friends.." He confessed
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