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Well, this is a story. I honestly dont know what will happen and im the author! Lets say its full of mysteries. :)


5. Authors Note!

Hello all of my lovelies! I really honestly dont know where this story will end, or what its about. When i write stories, they go how they go. so if your confused im really sorry! So heres whats going on so far if you dont really understand,
Aaron's trying to solve a mystery, Liam really likes her and wants to have her, Louis likes her also, But harry said shes off limits. And aaron asked Louis to help her solve this mystery.
Now who knows what could go on in this story. Some things are fake in this story! Alot are. And, i honestly dunno where this could go, so dont worry, it could end up a dramatic love mystery! I dont know yet. But, youll see. every four or so chapters ill be having an Authors Note, to say everything thats going on, because some of y'all might not understand whats going on. and if you wanna chat, go ahead and kik me BaileeyLuv. or email me, either is fine. Sure its weird putting this in the
middle of a story book, but still, im happy to hear from y'all. :) So Kik me: BaileeyLuv
or email me:
I wanna know what you think of it so far, and you guys can give me ideas. Cause to be honest, the only reason i dont update alot, is cause well i get stuck easily. And im always free for a chat. So, if you need im here. :) So again, every four or so chapters ill be putting an authors note, just to tell you whats been going on in the story. I know i dont have many fans, or as i
like to say, people who read my books, beause i dont have that many, thank you for reading and remember, i dont know where this story could go but its gonna go somewhere. :) Okay ill probably update later. Bye my lovelies! chat me anytime im always availible. :)
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