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Well, this is a story. I honestly dont know what will happen and im the author! Lets say its full of mysteries. :)


1. The Surprise

Aaron Pov:
I woke up to the horrid sounds of my alarm clock. I looked at the time. 5:30?! Shoot! I shouldve been up earlier!...Oh, sorry. Im Aaron. Im not like most girls. Girly? No way! Country? Hell yeah! Excuse my language i might say later on. But...Anyway, im seventeen and today im going to go hunting, you have to get up really early if you wanna hunt. Today my parents told me to just go out into the woods for a while. They said they had a surprise for me. I wonder what it could be...
Harry Pov:
Finally...Today's the day i get to meet my sister..i dont know her name yet or what she looks like, im just really happy but im extremely nervous. So the boys are gonna come too. We were staying there for a few weeks and then going back home...maybe even with my sister. Im so happy i can meet her! When she was born, she was adopted. Mum couldnt handle anymore kids so she gave her up. Which really sucked...
I packed up all my stuff and put it by the door. "Hey mate. Ready to meet her?" Liam asked. "Yeah and by the way, no matter WHAT, dont flirt or anything. Got it? I may have never met her but shes still my sister!" I said. "Woah mate calm down. We wont!" Louis said. "
lets go." I said smiling and we all put our stuff in the trunk and left for the airport. She lives very far. Louisiana. Its a long way. I settled down and got comfy on the plane.
Aaron pov:
After a while i got a text from my brother Colby, saying i should head back. Considering i had been hunting from six am to three pm i thought it was a good idea. I went home and walked in only to see five boys sitting on the couch. "Uh...MUM DAD WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!" I shout. My dad runs downstairs. "Aaron, id like you to meet One Direction." He says. "And your brother.." My mum says. "Ive already met my brother! He's the doofus next door." I say. One of the boys laughed. "No, your real brother.." My dad said. "Oh...wait what?!" I say. I was pretty fired up. "If i have another brother then why didnt you tell me this before?! How come ive never met him?!" I shout. "Airbear calm down!" Colby says. After a few seconds i calm down. "Hi im Harry. Im your brother and these are my friends Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall." He smiles. I smile back and sit down. "Im Aaron." i smile. "So how long are y'all staying here?" I ask after a few minuets of awkward silence.
Liam Pov:
Dang....okay, shes beautiful. I didnt think she would be THIS beautiful!
"So how long are y'all staying here?" She asked after a few minuets of awkward silence. "A few weeks." Niall said. "Thats great!" She smiles. "yeah, so what do you
wanna do?" Zayn asked. " kinda hungry considering i just went hunting from six to three.. lets go get something to eat!" She smiled. "You hunt?" Harry asked. "Yeah i hunt anything.
From deer to squirrels....even alligators!" She smiles. "Wow..alligators?" Harry asked. "Yeah.." She looked down. "Its weird isnt it?" She asked. "no love! I think its...great." Louis said. Even though it was a lie, it wasnt weird that she hunted. She looked up and smiled. "Wheres your bathroom?" Louis asked. "Uh...Out there." She said and pointed outside. "Oh lord.." He said an went outside to the shed-like bathroom. After a few minuets we heard a high pitched scream.
Aaron Pov:
We all heard a high pitched scream and i ran outside. Louis ran and hid behind me. "Get that scary thing away from me!!" He said. "What scary thing?" I asked. He pointed to a small python snake. I smiled. "Thats just Snow." I said. "That is not snow!!! THAT IS A SNAKE!!" He yelled at another high-pitched voice. "Calm down man!! Thats just Snow, my pet snake!!" I shouted and went over to Snow and picked her up letting her go around my neck. What no one knows is that, well....I have a secret, a very unusual not ready to tell ANYONE....atleast not yet.
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