A day in the life of ...

celebrities , animals , plants cartoon charaters etc. writing about their day


2. a phone.

Hi my ame is Lumia. I come from a family called Nokia. My ancestores were far fat . As big as a brick. I woke up at 6:30 a bird tweeting. Time to get up. My owner put in this sharp thing into my head .OUCH! hay whach it pal. GOD , he is so selfish! He does'nt even feed me anymore. Even a fiver a month would do , but nooo he just want the emptyness called wi-fi. But , it has brought us closer and I have all new talents . Like one minute I can be a ninja cutting fruit and the next I can be a bird attacking pigs. Anywhay, the sharp thing in my head  with two eye like things at ethier side . It's an alien . ahhhh!!.  But , then the coolest thing happens . I sound like a women , Whats her name.Lady GOGO! Gaga lay! Never mind , the name does'nt matter! And I can change voices. Cool huh! It's 10:30 now . and I'm in the dark.. great!. See he is'nt allowed his phone on. It's even worse for us phones if we get caught . Cause we get put in ..THE BOX. It's another dark place but we have to stay there for a week. I know a phone that it happened to .. he was never the same again(lousy, ain't it. Just because those mooses don't swich off there phones does'nt mean that we showed be in prision) The teachers huh? ca'nt give those loveable losers a break. And another thing..(30minutes later) sorry , Sam (my owner) must of dropped me again . And what is his mom talking to he about. What ?! She is going to replace me with a snotty Iphone ( I hate those guys) well my owner is about to swich me off and I better pack my accories and fora last goodbye to Sam ...I'm going to get a virus and destroy his memory card. MWAHAHAHA! 


Lumia the phone :~/

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