A day in the life of ...

celebrities , animals , plants cartoon charaters etc. writing about their day


1. a bumble bee.

"Bzzzzzz.. oh hello my name is Bob (nothing stupid like Buzz )  but my friends call me Chip . It's because little bumble bees where playing about in what the humans call a park. What we call it is the land of the giants . Anywhay,  I was flying around  and the baby bumble bees where on a table and a chip was about to fall on them. Until, yours truely, pushed them out of the way and the chip fell on me. Luckly it was a soft chip ! I am about to get ready for work. I work in the bee colony , where we make the honey. Washing (with honey) ,combing our hair (with a bruch made out of honey) and eating( you guessed it  HONEY). As I was eating ,I herd thud, thud,THUD!!! That's my wife , she's a little... doughey! but she's as sweet as honey. " HAY, babe did you eat my last honey cake. cause if you did.. I'LL SIT ON YOU!" . No dear, I remeber last time you sat on me...I've learnt my lesson." See she's a dote . At work there are lot of jobs , like the check lister peole things.. It does'nt matter there loner's. They check to see if everyone is at work. *cough* losers!*cough*. Then the nurses to check if all of us are Ah- Ok! Once my best friend Skittles , broke off his sting ray (where our butts are so,  he broke his butt off) when he hit a wall ,  but the nurses gave him a fake sting ray. It looks butti-ful!Hahahah , bee humour. The other job is a honey taster. He makes sure the honey is in tip top shape. And yes he is 400 years old. And our job (and mine . woohoo) to collect the honey. It's dangerous work but it's worth it . We look for the  nices flower , take all the necture from it and go back to the hive.All for our Queen bee,  who does nothing (lazy git) .What a day and now I'm going to the Bee Hut ( a pub) to  talk with my friends. "what would you like hun?" said the waitress. I had 10 hivetails . I got home late, and was greeted by a plate (made out of honey) to the herd by my 27 ton wife shouting"Where were you!!!" "And you did eat my honey cake!!!" GRRR!!!" ."No don't sit on me !!"." NOOOOOOOOOOO!" .When I woke up ,I could'nt feel my leg. After a while of getting the old cow off me ,I went to bed . Oh, well tomorrow is another day. bye ,bye.


Bob the bumble bee.:)

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