A Directioner's Life

Here is a book which represents me and alot of people out there that has a common story like mine. a few of these chapter are real and some are not. There will be a first part of the book which is real the second part will be fiction. This is a common life for a simple Directioner.


1. Me (Part One)

Louisa's POV
Hey Im Louisa. Im currently ten years old. My birthday is on November twenty three. I have long black hair and black eyes. This is the real me the reality.

Im a REAL Directioner. I guess that's we all have in common. Im an honor student. I find it hard living my life filled with responsibilities. My best friend is Franz. I mentioned her in my books before. She loves Harry and I love Louis. Im just a girl who lives while she's young. I dont want o be Torn, I dont want to grow up I want to be forever young. Sometimes I commit the same mistakes. I have moments which I want to forget. I like to stand up from being knocked down by my enemies. I dont like using somebody for myself interest. I only one thing marks on my mind, which is One Direction. Its everthing about them which makes me happy. I dont want to marry them I want them to know I support them forever. I love them more than this, more than anybody knows. They make me go to a another world. Being who they really are is what makes them beautiful. Its only them who can put a smile on my face with out doing anything, so One Direction its gotta be them.

Today I'm in the top three in the highest average in science, which means more responsibility. I have a picture at my folder of One Direction. My classmates almost ripped it apart. Why? Why do they want to do that. Cant a girl have idols in life? Some people hate me for being a Directioner. It pains me to think they hate me for just admiring five people. Somehow I'm still there for them. No matter if they tease me or not. Its their problem if they cant deal with me. All I have to do is to look back and ignore them.
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