Olivia's diary

Hi I'm Olivia,a 17 year old girl,and this junk you are reading is my life. And believe it or not I just broke the record of spending the most boring summer in the history of boring summers,I'm not saying anything more I guess you'll just have to read.

Author's note:the guys from one direction aren't famous in this movella.


9. Chapter 9

"hello" said ms. Marks as she stepped in the room, "I am ms. Marks, and I will help you with your issues" she said tapping her fingers on her office desk, "hi ms. Marks, I'm grace" said Grace sounding nice and sweet, "please, said ms. Marks I now who you are I have a file named after each and every student here, and you are Olivia right?" she asked pointing at me, I shook my head, she is creepy, "now, what exactly happened yesterday?" she asked bot of us, "nothing, we are really good friends" said grace sounding innocent, I give her grace a death glare, "just play along" she whispers making sure ms. Marks didn't hear, I roll my eyes, "I heard that you guys are enemies" said ms. Marks, "no...no we have never been enemies, we love each other....why would anyone say that, right Olivia?" grace asks, I don't say anything and just look at the ground, "Olivia isn't that right?" repeats grace, I shake my head and say, "yeah", "ok then you girls can leave, but if anything happens you will be sent to my office right away". Thank god we didn't get detention I get out and see Abby waiting for me in front of the door, "what took you so long?" she asks, "nothing major she just asked what happened " I say, " let's  go we're late for class" says Abby dragging me holding my arm, we have algebra right now, and I suck at algebra, so I just put my headphones on and sit there looking at the board, after a few minutes, the teacher points at me, I take my headphones off and stare at him, "I'm waiting for your answer Olivia" he says, ad the whole class turns and stares at me because that's what they do in an embarrassing situation, "um...I don't know" I say in an apologetic tone, "okay then, I suppose you know where the detention room is?" he says, "out of my class, now" he shouts, I grab my stuff and leave, and as i was heading to the detention room I bump into someone, I look up to see ms. Marks "oh sorry" I say and start walking away before she says anything, "where do you think you're going" she yells from behind me, "detention room" I say still walking, "turn around" she says, so I do what I have been told I turn around to face her, "I've read your file, and it seems like you haven't done anything interesting for a while, now I want you to go and talk to people you haven't met before, you have two days to do that, you can go now" she says, I turn around and start walking, "I'll be watching you" she yells and I speed up  I get to the room and sit, and after a few minutes I hear a knock at the door I lift my head up to see Niall and Harry, they smile at me and I smile back, they find some empty seats and sit, then someone taps my shoulder saying, "this for you" he hands me a paper, I open it and read "what's up? I'm Niall" it said, "nothing, I just got detention for not paying attention in algebra, what did you do?" I replied, after a few seconds the paper came back, "well we did a prank on mr. Wills and it didn't turn out right so we ended up here :)" we talked during the whole time, good thing he was here, just as the class was about to end I received a text from Harry "meet me at "the place" at 4:00" it said, why would he want to meet me at the place, well in our school the place is where all the love happens you always see people making out at the place....isn't meeting him at "the place" sound kinda weird, i forgot that he was even here I look back at them Niall smiles at me, but Harry doesn't even look what up with him?
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