Olivia's diary

Hi I'm Olivia,a 17 year old girl,and this junk you are reading is my life. And believe it or not I just broke the record of spending the most boring summer in the history of boring summers,I'm not saying anything more I guess you'll just have to read.

Author's note:the guys from one direction aren't famous in this movella.


7. Chapter 7

So a week passes by I'm finally out of hospital and back to my house, I wonder how will the students react when they see me for the first time, I'm in my mom's car right now and I'll arrive to my school in about 2 minutes, if anything happens I have Abby and Liam they'll help me trough right?. We're here my mom pokes my shoulder and I turn around. "honey it's your first day I want to wish you luck and just have fun okay?"se says,by the way she still doesn't believe that I didn't cut myself she says she believes me but I know her and I know she doesn't believe me, "ok mom thanks" I say and leave the car, and as soon as I leave I wish I hadn't, everybody turns around and stares at me, I try to avoid eye contact with any of them and start to search for Abby and Liam, and during my search I bump into someone so i say excuse me and without looking at who it is I start walking away but before I get any further he says "can you at least help me gather my books of the ground?" that's when I realise I hit Niall, so i turn around an face him, "um...sorry I didn't know it was you" I say, "I didn't know it was you either why are you hiding your face anyway?"he says, "I point at my arm and he soon understands, and as soon as I lean to get his books of the ground he grabs my arm and lifts me up, "don't worry I got this...you probably can't even move your arm because of the cut"he says "thx for understanding" i say and leave, He's not even near the guy I expected him to be, he's actually very sweet I don't know why he is dating Laura...speaking of her here she comes and that's grace walking next to her, "hey Olivia" says Laura, "Laura how many times have I told you we don't say hey to people like her" says Grace, looking at me while saying her, "grace I don't have time for you now okay? I'm late for class" I say, "oh I'm not gonna take any of your precious time" she says I start to walk away because I know what she's about to say is going to hurt me....she suddenly yells from where se was standing "I'll make sure everybody knows that you cut yourself", that's it I'm bored of her ruining my each and every day so I put my backpack down and start walking towards her, well this doesn't sound right because she's way taller than me, and slightly fatter than me and I have an injured arm I go to her and yell "you ruined my life...don't you think that's enough?", and after that a kid announces "yo everybody there's a fight here" and after a few seconds I find myself surrounded by kids of all ages all of them yelling "fight, fight, fight" and maybe Liam noticed that and came to join the crowd, "Olivia your too smart to do this", he says he is probably right in too smart to fight with an idiot like Grace, so I give up and as I was about to turn around and leave I notice Grace's fist coming towards my face and then Harry shows up and yells "Grace" she stops and turns to face him, "i...um she hit me Harry" Grace lies, "are you out of your mind I didn't even touch you"I say. And then I notice someone grab my wrist, "can you let go of me...don't you see that.."before I continue I turn around and see it's the principle, "to my office now...both of you" he says and we walk towards his office, we sit there for a while not saying a word to each other waiting for the principle to come, and after a few silent seconds he walks Inside and sits right in front of us, "Don't you guys think it's enough...I'm tired of your drama, you guys fight every single day...i have a solution for you guys starting from tomorrow you will visit ms. Marks and she will help you guys with your issues...now without saying a word get up and leave I want both of you girls to be in her office tomorrow at lunchtime don't worry it won't be long just five minutes". To make the long story short my day at the school wasn't so well, so I got back home and opened the door to see my mum, dad and a woman I haven't seen in my life, as soon as I walk in my mom stands up and says, "hi Olivia I want you to meet someone" she guides me towards the couch and says, "Olivia this woman is a psychologist and she will help you so you won't do anything similar to what you did before...now I will let you two alone so you can answer her questions freely", "wait mom I don't understand...what did I do before?"I ask, and she then points at my arm, "mom how many times have I got to say this I didn't cut myself and I don't need a psychologist or any other kind of treatment I'm fine, if you need anything I'm in my room", then the psychologist spoke "Olivia as hard as it is you have to admit"..."I'm out of here" i say ad run upstairs to my room....can this day get any worse
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