Olivia's diary

Hi I'm Olivia,a 17 year old girl,and this junk you are reading is my life. And believe it or not I just broke the record of spending the most boring summer in the history of boring summers,I'm not saying anything more I guess you'll just have to read.

Author's note:the guys from one direction aren't famous in this movella.


6. Chapter 6

I take a deep breath and wait till my visitors come inside. First Abby rushes in not so smiley I knew that there was something wrong, then Liam walks in calmly his hands in his pockets again not that happy, when my mom first said I had more than two visitors I thought maybe Harry was there, but now i'm guessing I was wrong, then walks in Niall holding hands with Laura, Laura is the second girl that hates me after grace, she wasn't as bad as Grace but still, teasing me each and every day was on top of her to do list, and well Niall is her boyfriend, I don't know Niall that much but since he is dating Laura he must be a complete  idiot, or at least that's what I think of him, And finally grace walks in with a smile plastered on her face. Why are they here? They all sit and awkwardness fills the room...Liam was sitting on the edge of my bed looking like an idiot the poor guy has a point he didn't know any of the people in the room, Abby was staring at grace with evilness in her eyes like she was about to kill her, grace was smiling constantly without saying a word I guess she's planning something, Laura was texting, and Niall was...I don't know what the hell was Niall doing he was looking around like he was searching for something and within every five seconds he opened his mouth like he was about to say something but then he closed again and decides not to. I finally decide to break the silence "so..." I say, "um...thanks for coming",   what was up with them, then finally Abby spoke or should I say shouted, "don't get fooled Olivia she's up to something", "what makes you think that Abby? Can't anyone change? I thought and decided I should be nice with you guys from now on" I knew what grace said was a lie, so I just rolled my eyes and decided not to talk, and that's when Niall spoke "get well soon Olivia", that's it? Is that what he was planning to say the whole time? "thank you" I said with a smile, ad then someone pushes the door open and a tired Harry walks in with a bouquet of flowers in his hands how thoughtful I think to myself, "sorry I'm late" he says to everyone in the room and then he turns to me and smiles I smile back he comes closer to my bed handing me the flowers, "these are for you"he says I smile take the flowers and thank him. Grace frowns after she sees the flowers, she always liked Harry, and now I know the reason why she is here, she wasn't here for me she was here for Harry, to show him her kind side I guess. After another few silent minutes I ask. "guys...how did you know that I was in the hospital, I mean how did you hear the news?". That's when Laura lifted her head from the phone for the first time since she walked in and simply said "um...didn't you cut yourself?" then Abby spoke "she didn't cut herself" and then grace "yes she did" and then Liam "no she didn't". Then all of them started talking at the same time...I was about to scream my heart out when Niall said a little loudly "I don't think she cut herself" everyone stopped and looked at him. "I don't think you cut yourself Olivia",he said looking at me, "you really do think so?" I said "yeah your not the type of person that cuts herself" I smiled and thanked him. I guess he wasn't an Idiot like I thought he was.
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