Olivia's diary

Hi I'm Olivia,a 17 year old girl,and this junk you are reading is my life. And believe it or not I just broke the record of spending the most boring summer in the history of boring summers,I'm not saying anything more I guess you'll just have to read.

Author's note:the guys from one direction aren't famous in this movella.


4. Chapter 4

We decide to sit on the grass in front of the house so when Abby arrives we could see her,after a few minutes I see Abby walking towards us so we stand up so as soon as she arrives we can leave, suddenly my phone starts ringing and I see it's Abby, "I'm here standing in front of the house" I say, "I can see that"  she says ,"then why are you calling?" i ask kinda surprised, "i see you have a visitor...finally Olivia banks is talking to a guy" she says, "stop it Abby it's nothing like that he's the kid next door and he is coming to the mall with us" I say "interesting", she mumbles and hangs up. She arrives they meet each other and we go to the mall we were all hungry so we agree on eating lunch, because it was already 2:00 o'clock we sit, order and wait. And that's when I see a bunch of kids from our school coming,I immediately spot Harry the guy I liked since I started high school...he was laughing and goofing around with his friends he probably has no idea if my existence, so I turn around to talk to Abby and Liam, "Liam this guys are from the same school as we are " I say, "really?" he says, he gets up and walks straight to them he introduces himself and they seem to pretty much like him then Liam points towards us and they smile, that's when I feel something cold on my back, I look around to see grace the girl that I don't know why but she hated me since day one, "oops" she said, "I accidentally dropped my soda on you...sorry" she said sarcastically. I got  pretty upset but I didn't say anything, then I hear someone saying, "why the hell did you do that grace?" I turn around to see Harry he was defending me? "I just wanted to" said grace "forget it" he says, and turns to me, "are you okay?" he asks  "yeah I'm fine,thanks Harry", I say "why are you thanking me it was no big deal", I smile and he leaves with a smile also and then I see Abby and Liam coming to my direction with tissues in their hands we eat and decide to leave because we all agreed that I needed to change, Abby's mom comes and picks her up me ad Liam walk towards our neighbourhood he goes to his house and I go to mine, I walk in and go straight to the bathroom to get a shower after my shower I decide to check my twitter and I smile when I see Harry and Liam followed me I don't know why but it made me smile.
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