Olivia's diary

Hi I'm Olivia,a 17 year old girl,and this junk you are reading is my life. And believe it or not I just broke the record of spending the most boring summer in the history of boring summers,I'm not saying anything more I guess you'll just have to read.

Author's note:the guys from one direction aren't famous in this movella.


2. Chapter 2

Aaah...what's that noise why can't I just sleep in peace for a day?would it kill anyone?"mom"I yell "mommy" still nice one response,so I open my eyes still half asleep,look at the alarm clock still 7:00 am,my brother must've did the alarm prank again,I told him a million times that it was no fun anymore,but he still does it anyway,so I close my eyes and go back to sleep,then again I feel something cold on my hand and I see my brother jake putting my hand in a glass of cold water "what are you doing?" I ask him  "Olivia,why did you wake up?your were supposed to wet yourself while I dipped your hand in the water and I was supposed to videotape it" he said "excuse me?" I said "oh um... never mind,by the way Abby called and she said that you should call her  ASAP,and mom is making breakfast downstairs" and then he left. Abby is my best friend she is the most energetic girl ever,and If you wanna know about someone or something she knows everyones full biography,news,rumours,gossip and etc...."Olivia"my mom yells from downstairs "Olivia come down and eat your breakfast", so I check my phone text Abby to see what's up and go downstairs to the kitchen and sit down,my mom greets me with a smile and puts a plate of green stuff on the table, "um...mom what's this?" I ask "breakfast" she replies with a smile "I know it's breakfast,and I'm sure it's yummy but can I just have some cereal?" i ask "no,you can't honey school is starting in a week and I don't want you to get fat,you have a great body...why can't you take a little bit care of yourself....." and there she starts a lecture of how when she was in school they preferred the cute girls over the fat ones and stuff like that, when my mom was in school she was the popular type,and now accepting the fact that I'm not doesn't make her feel comfortable,suddenly my phone starts blowing and I see Abby calling so I pick it up and answer it "hi" I say "at mall in an hour get dressed NOW"she yells  "geez...I'm not deaf you know...can we meet in 2 hours I just woke up?" " NO"she yells back "but why?" I ask, "cuz I miss you that's why now go and get dressed I'll be there in an hour bye" and she hangs up...I agree I miss her too and probably going to the mall and eating an acceptable breakfast is a lot better than eating this diet thingy...anyway I gotta get ready bye 
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