Olivia's diary

Hi I'm Olivia,a 17 year old girl,and this junk you are reading is my life. And believe it or not I just broke the record of spending the most boring summer in the history of boring summers,I'm not saying anything more I guess you'll just have to read.

Author's note:the guys from one direction aren't famous in this movella.


14. chapter 14

I stand there staring at the paper, "what are you doing, we don't have much time?" says Abby pulling out her phone to take the picture.

"This isn't the essay" i say ignoring the drawings.

"Well let's search for the essay then" suggests Abby.

And just then Will turns around, and he sees me with the sheet of paper, i quickly hide the paper.

"What's that?" Will asks approaching towards us.

"Nothing" i say hiding the paper.

"You mean it doesn't belong to me?" he says grabbing the paper.

"No!" i say pulling back the paper.

"Interesting" mumbles Grace as she peeks at the peace of paper, "Nice doodlings" she says laughing.

"May i have your attention people" she yells, and everybody turns and looks at her.

"I didn't draw these" i whisper to her to make sure she won't announce anything.

"Doesn't matter" she says and pulls the paper from my hands, she takes a quick look at it and says.

"Olivia here is a great drawer, look at all the cute cartoons she drew" she says holding the paper above her head.

Before anyone could see anything i jump and rip the paper in half, and now half of the paper is in my hand and the other half in hers.

"don't be ashamed Olivia" she says mockingly.

That's it, i'm sick of Grace ruining my day each and every morning "Grace has a huge tattoo on her back" i shout.

She sends me a death glare, turns to the crowd and says "she's lying".

"I am not a liar" i announce, i head towards Grace,a dn pull her shirt up to reveal the huge tattoo.

Everyone gasps and Grace gets mad "bitch" she shouts at me "you promised to keep that a secret, i warned you not to mess with me" she says, opens the water bottle in her hand and pours it over my head.

She turns and starts walking away thinking that i won't dare to fight her back.

But instead i yell out her name she looks at me, "want the paper? here have it" i say make a paper ball and throw it to her, then i throw another one which hits her in the middle of her face "in your face" i say and start laughing.

"I don't need your stupid papers" she yells and throws the papers back at me.

And after a few minutes there was a paper fight placed right in the middle of the school hallway, we were yelling and fighting, and all the other students where filming it.

And we were so caught up in the fight that we didn't notice the principal standing right next to us.

"uhm" he says grabbing our attention, we both turn around, "shit" mumbles Grace.

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