Olivia's diary

Hi I'm Olivia,a 17 year old girl,and this junk you are reading is my life. And believe it or not I just broke the record of spending the most boring summer in the history of boring summers,I'm not saying anything more I guess you'll just have to read.

Author's note:the guys from one direction aren't famous in this movella.


12. chapter 12

I may be dreaming, right? just close your eyes and go back to sleep Olivia...okay i admit it i am scared, i stand up and head to window, i open the window and see the last person i expected to see.

"Don't you think it's enough that i see you everyday at school?"i say to ask Grace rudely.

"Olivia? you live here?" she asks kinda confused.

"Are you drunk?" i question her again.

"What are you doing at Zayn's house?...don't tell me your his sister" she says.

"What? i have never had a brother called Zayn...wait, your looking for Zayn Malik?" i ask her.

"Non of your business" she yells and starts walking away.

"Wait!" i yell back, she turns around puts one arm on her hip and ask "what?", i think for a second and reply.

"What if i told you i know where he lives?" i ask her, her eyes lit up and "you do?" she asks me excitedly, i nod my head and say "but first you need to answer to a question" i tell her.

She rolls her eyes "go ahead" she says.

"Question number one" i say excited for my brilliant plan, "what do you want from Zayn?" i ask her.

"Oh, why do you care?...i am not answering, ask me another question" she says.

"You either answer that question, or leave" i suggest.

"Fine" she says and starts walking away, i stand still knowing she will come back, i take a look at the clock hanging on my bedroom wall behind me, she'll be back any minute, and guess what i was right, just after a few seconds i see Grace coming towards my house again.

"Well, look who's here" i say mockingly.

"shut up and let's cut this short" she says and continues "so i have known Zayn for a long time and the thing i am going to tell you now, nobody else knows" she stops, takes a breath and continues "everybody at school knows that Zayn does tattoos, and yesterday we were at the place and he was drawing this on my back( she says showing me the huge tattoo on her back) and my mom called, so he told me to come and visit him today and i may have came to the wrong house...now tell me where is his house".

i stand there shocked, i was expecting some kind of relationship between two of them, but a huge tattoo on on her back was the last thing i expected, i don't even know where Zayn"s house is, i just asked her to know her secret so i could use it like some kind of weapon, so i won't let her annoy me.

"Hello?" she says waiting for my answer, "um Grace...to tell the truth, i have no idea where his house is" i say, "just don't scream, my whole house is asleep" i tell her.

she gives me a death glare, and "you will regret this" was the last line she said before she left.

Great job Olivia you just made everything worse, and as soon as i get in my bed again to sleep, i hear another knock on my window, all i want is a few hours of peaceful sleep, can't i get that? i open the window to see confused Liam.

"What type of tattoo did you get?" i ask him madly, he looks at me confused, "what?" he asks.

"Nothing important, need anything?" i ask him, "can i get up?" he asks, i nod my head, he climbs up and i let him in he sits on my bed, i sit next to him, "what's wrong?" i ask him, he looks up and says "i am going out with Gemma".


author's note: Gemma, are you happy with your character, or do you want me to change it?...and what do you think of the story so far readers?

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