some perfect day my ass...

Im just your average everyday teenage girl im 15 going on 16.. i had everything i could ever wish for.. well, academic wise.. i dont have a boyfriend because im concided a few things.. a) a nerd.. and b) a 'goody-to-shoes'...

there are a few questions to why i am called these things.. i am not any of these..

only why does this happen to me...this was meant to be perfect.. but perfect my day my ass...


5. You look so hot! Even if you wear a pineapple costume....

Kendall: um let me think about that.... Ok

Harry smiles really big and they both lean in but Kendall moves so he kisses her cheek. Kendall smirks

Harry: no fair you cheated *pouts*   

In the meantime Louis and Kendall  are laughing   Harry: fine be like that but just remember one thing Kendall: and what's that ;) *smirks*  Harry moves really close and smirks 

Harry: karmas a bitch ;)
Louis: ooooooooooo Kendall's in trouble  
Kendall: thanks lou  Harry and Louis laugh, the bell for fifth period sounds  
Kendall: soo what do you guys have next? Harry, 
Louis: DRAMA Kendall: ahah*rolls eyes* me too lego   

They walk to the drama room and see Ell,Niall,zayn and Liam   

Kendall: yes!  
Everyone: what 
Kendall: my favorite subject with my favorite people  
Everyone: awwwww  Niall: group hug  
Everyone: hahaha  They all group hug and mr. P walks in   
Mr.p: good afternoon class  
Class: good afternoon sir
Mr.P: well today we are going to be looking at and learning a few of the scences from the famous love play by shakespeare.. Can anyone guess what it is? 

Niall raises his hand 

Mr.p: yes Niall 
Niall: hamlet 
Class: hahahahahha 
Mr.p: no Niall anyone else? 
Kendall: Romeo and Juliet? 
Mr.P: yes Kendall thank you  

Kendall nods

 Mr.p: here's a few lines from scenes on which you can learn as your assessment this term is to put on a play for the whole school  
Class: ughhhgg 
Mr.P: sounds like you guys are excited and don't worry everyone I'll have a part either on stage or back stage Class:ughhhgg 
Mr.p: great lets get started  30mins later  The final bell ring 
Mr.P: see you guys in a weeks time for your auditions   The gang walks out of class Kendall: I'm so excited for this assignment I love romeo and Juliet! 
Zayn: seriously  
Kendall: yes  Niall: it's stupid they tell each other they love each other then try die like who does that?  
Kendall: it's so romantic!  
Liam: it's proof that true love exists  
Louis: Liam's getting in touch with his soft side  All the boys except 
Everyone: awwwwwww 
Liam: not funny guys  
Ella: well despot how romantic it is I have major stage fright what am I gonna do   Everyone is now at there lockers getting books put and putting books in   
Niall: I'm sure you have a special talent inside that pretty little headed yours  Turns to ell Ella: you think I'm pretty *blushes*  Looks down Niall: yeah *blushes*  
Everyone else: ooooooooooooo 
Harry: get there nialler 
Everyone except Ella an Niall: ahahahhahahahah 
Niall and Ella: no just no  
Kendall: anyway ell you have a passion for fashion use it to your advantage girl 
Ella: yeah I guess I could ask se to do the costumes

   Everyone finishes at there lockers and walks out the front gates and walks to their cars apart from ell and kay  

Everyone: bye
 Kendall: drive safe guys  
Guys: yes mum  
Everyone: hahahaha  

Ell and Kay start to walk home when harry pulls up beside them  

Harry: want a ride ?  
Ell and Kendall: nah its ok  
Kendall: I need the exercise anyway 
Harry: suit your selves but no you don't  
Ell: aw 
Kendall: your obviously blind  
Harry: my sight is perfect 
Kendall: funny 
Ell:well we better get going bye 
Harry: bye girls  
Kendall: bye :)
Harry: ;)

Ellas pov

I was sitting on kendalls bed drawing designs for the play. While Kendall was in the shower. She soon came out with a short singlet that is above your belly button and Sweats. Her hair was up in a messy bun.

El: wow. Why do you look so good wearing everything ? 
Kay: I don't. I just throw clothes on haha.
El: you could be wearing a f*#king pineapple costume and still look f*#king sexy!
Kay: haha noo!

Kays pov 

El and I were arguing about me dressing as a pineapple until we heard a sudden knock at the door. I run downstairs leaving el behind. I opened the door to see......

*writers note* ~ ok well I have to give my friend credit.. She wrote most of this chapter! She doesn't co write with me either so... Yeah.. Anyway please comment, like, fav etc...
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