some perfect day my ass...

Im just your average everyday teenage girl im 15 going on 16.. i had everything i could ever wish for.. well, academic wise.. i dont have a boyfriend because im concided a few things.. a) a nerd.. and b) a 'goody-to-shoes'...

there are a few questions to why i am called these things.. i am not any of these..

only why does this happen to me...this was meant to be perfect.. but perfect my day my ass...


4. Why can't you just kiss me?

You: umm why are you picking me up at 7? 
Harry: our date... Remember?
You: oh I'm sorry I don't remember anyone asking me on a date... *sends Harry a wink* 
Harry: really? 
You: yeah.. Sorry, I don't think I will be going on a date..

 *you turn around to leave until you felt a tight grasp around your wrist.. And pulls you in, in a kissing distance and before you know it you've been kissed...*

Harry: I hope that changes your mind?
You: mm maybe *you shot a quick wink at Harry an walked away..*

Your pov

Wow he is a great kisser! Maybe I should go on that date... But what if he is a player? What if I can't trust him? Maybe I should talk to Ella.. But then again she's going to say go to the date. 

* you walk towards the group that's sitting outside on the table, under the tree... You felt arms come around your waist. *

Harry: *whispers* so I guess I'm picking you up at 7?  
You: *turns around* you will have to see I guess.. 

*you start to turn around again, but Harry's arms are still around your waist. You couldn't turn around because his grip was so strong*

Harry: where do you think your going? *shoots you a quick wink*
you: umm I think, to my friends?
Harry: haha ok. But first... I kissed you.. I want one in return.
You: if you want a kiss from me I guess your going to have to catch me....

Your pov

When Harry loosened his grip, thinking that I was going to kiss him.. I quickly slipped away and, ran for my life..

Harry: hey! That is not fair
You: umm yeah, it is..
Harry: no it's not
You: aww is someone having a sook?
Harry: *runs up to you and grabs you from behind* nope... And I think you owe me a kiss?
You: mmm who says? 
Harry: you! And me!
You: haha ok..

*you move in slowly. Both of you have your eyes shut, and since he wasn't looking I grabbed something and stuck it in front of my lips. So he kisses it instead of me...*

Harry: aww that was not fair!
Everyone at the table: a haha that was funny! Good one kay!
You: aww thanks you guys! 
Harry: it's not funny! 
You: aww is poor little Harry warry sad?
Harry: Harry warry?
You: haha yeah... Sorry I kind of made it up on the spot...
Harry: ok then.. So do I get my kiss?
You: you did!
Harry: ah no I didn't.
You: yeah, you did ;) 
Harry: can I get another then? By you?
You: mm nah..
Harry: that's not fair

You and Harry kept arguing for about 1 hour. Until you both were interrupted. 

Louis: Kay...
You: yeah?
Louis: why cant you just kiss him?
Harry: yeah? Why can't you just kiss me?
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