some perfect day my ass...

Im just your average everyday teenage girl im 15 going on 16.. i had everything i could ever wish for.. well, academic wise.. i dont have a boyfriend because im concided a few things.. a) a nerd.. and b) a 'goody-to-shoes'...

there are a few questions to why i am called these things.. i am not any of these..

only why does this happen to me...this was meant to be perfect.. but perfect my day my ass...


7. chapter 7 (i dont know names so....)



After I was done I looked in the mirror and smiled. I head down stairs to see harry stand up with his eyes wide open.

Kay: I suggest you stop staring or you are going to be very lonely on this date.

Harry: oh um ok.... so are you ready love?


Kay: oh um yeah… *start to blush*

Hazza: alright love, we better get going *sends a wink to Kay*

Kay: so um where are we going? *Kay looks down and blushes*

Hazza: haha weeellll, I can’t say... *moves close to kays ear and whispers* I can’t ruin a special surprise for a special little lady

*Kay blushes*


Harry’s pov

Ohmygosh she is absolutely amazing! I hope she likes our date. Wait what if she doesn’t? What if she doesn’t like me? What if it gets awkward? I start to doubt everything, unsure what to do or to go through with this date. I wonder all these things while heading to the car. I was starting to get really worried and it showed on my face and in my eyes. I tried not to give Kendall any details or to show that I was really worried about this date and if she liked it.


Kay: harry… are you um… ok?

Harry: oh… um yeah, I think

Kay: is it about our date?

Harry: ah yeah, umm kind of  

Kay: it’s ok… I’m sure it will be great.

Harry: thanks, I hope you will like it…

Kay: I’m sure I will.

Harry: can you please put this blind fold on? So it can be a big surprise.

Kay: oh sure! *puts on the blind fold*


Harry’s pov

We finally came to a stop. I opened the door leaving Kay in the car so I can help her out. I grab her hand and helped her out of the car. I walked behind her, with my arms wrapped around her waist occasionally kissing her neck. When we finally arrived to the area where our date was I finally took her blind fold off to reveal where we are.


Kay: OHMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAARRRRYYYYY

Harry: what??? Do you like it????


Harry: haha thanks love, I’m glad you think so<3

*Kay turns around and hugs harry tight.*

Kay: thank you so so so much *whispers in the crook of Harrys neck*

Harry: haha *blushes* well are you ready for the date to begin?

kay: yeah, sure :)




writters note**~ ok sorry that this chapter is so short, i just thought that maybe i should update... hope you guys like it .... please fav, comment, like etc.... also can you please check out my other story.... i will do my best to keep this story up to date...

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