some perfect day my ass...

Im just your average everyday teenage girl im 15 going on 16.. i had everything i could ever wish for.. well, academic wise.. i dont have a boyfriend because im concided a few things.. a) a nerd.. and b) a 'goody-to-shoes'...

there are a few questions to why i am called these things.. i am not any of these..

only why does this happen to me...this was meant to be perfect.. but perfect my day my ass...


3. chapter 2. What’s on for tonight?

*Writers Note* - hey guys I’m really sorry about the part 1 and 2 for the first chapter… I can’t remember what I was going to write for this chapter… there was meant to be a part 3 but I want to get further on into the story. I have this really good feeling about this story and I hope it works out well… please if you have any suggestions for this story let me know I am happy for any suggestions and yeah… also I know the heading doesn’t really match the first chapter that’s why I kept adding parts to it… so if I use the same heading again, please forgive me… oh by the way… I forgot to mention that one direction is NOT famous… yet…


Harry: um… can I sit next to you?

You: haha yeah sure!

Harry’s pov

I walked over to her… she is absolutely gorgeous! Wait I don’t even know her name and I might be going on a date with her; well that’s a bit stupid isn’t it… haha I am really nervous… I never get this feeling ever! With a girl I’m the flirt in my group… what am I meant to do?? *cut out of thoughts*

Kendall: umm are you alright you look really nervous… do you need some water?

Hazza: umm yeah

Kay (nickname for Kendall): Mr A I am taking harry out side he doesn’t feel well…

Mr A: sure, but if he doesn’t feel better, make sure you take him to the nurse ok?

Kay: sure thing

Your pov

 You gave Mr A, a reassuring look and a quick smile before you pack your stuff and lead harry out of the class room. On your way you and harry walked past El’s class room and shot her a quick look and the first thing she did was tell niall to act sick… El and niall used the same excuse as we did and got out of class… we all walked to the bathrooms just chatting away and when every teacher walked by us we made sure that harry and niall always looked sick… until the bell went for food break… we all walked together heading towards lockers, soon enough we reached the hall way and all split up. Harry’s locker was near Ella’s. Niall followed me and his was next to mine.

Niall: oh um you know your friend Ella?

You: umm yeah I do why?

Niall: oh nothing

You: no, never start a conversation if you’re never going to finish it… tell me

Niall: well umm, I think she is really pretty….

You: you like her don’t you?

Niall: no… I never said that. All I said was that she is really pretty

You: haha you so like her!

Niall: no…

You: really? *gives niall a look… and throws books into locker, while grabbing out next periods books*

Niall: no… *looks sad for caving in and throws the unneeded books into locker*

You: see I know you like her! You always look at her in a way that no other guy has looked at her before without using her to an advantage… *turns to look at niall with a worried look…*

Niall: oh um I never want to use her! That’s wrong… *grabs his books from his locker that he needs*

*your conversation was interrupted by some cute guys…*

Cute guys: niall do you want us to mind you a seat?

Niall: yeah ok thanks… but is it alright if Ella and, and? What’s your name? I never got your name?

Kay: oh sorry, my name is Kendall, but you can call me Kay :)

1 of the cute guys: sure :) and its lovely to meet you Kendall or shall I say Kay?

Kay: you can call me Kay

Cute guys: well I’m Liam and I’m Zayn and I’m Louis, but make sure you pronounce it as Loui not Louis…

You: aha ok…

You all walk together and met up with Ella and Harry. You all headed to the seats…

Harry: oh um…

Kay: Kendall… but call me Kay...

Harry: oh sorry

You: it’s okay

Harry: so umm can you come and show me where the… um… canteen is?

You: umm okay sure…

Harry: thank you… guys we will meet you later…

You and harry walked off by yourselves until you came to a sudden stop

Harry: so um… are we still on for tonight?

You: what’s on tonight?

Harry: ok well I will pick you up at 7


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