some perfect day my ass...

Im just your average everyday teenage girl im 15 going on 16.. i had everything i could ever wish for.. well, academic wise.. i dont have a boyfriend because im concided a few things.. a) a nerd.. and b) a 'goody-to-shoes'...

there are a few questions to why i am called these things.. i am not any of these..

only why does this happen to me...this was meant to be perfect.. but perfect my day my ass...


6. are you ready?

*writers note*- ok guys sorry that i havent updated in a while... please excuse that. also i just wanted to let you know that there will be spelling mistakes and grammar please excuse it. ok so back  to the story. <3




kay and el were arguing about kay looking hot. kay and el heard a knock at the door so kay went downstairs to see who was there. when she opened the door she saw...


kays pov

i opened the door to see harry standing at the door of my house in a tux. holding a rose. 

harry: oh umm this is for you * hands you the rose and kisses you on the cheek*

kay: oh umm thank you. i ah am not ready.. *blushes when harry hands you the rose. you smell it*

harry: oh im sorry i was a bit early, i just wanted to ahh see you.. * looks down to the ground and blushes* so are you ready?

kay: *giggles when you see harry blushing* oh um were are we going? and im not really ready.. im wearing sweats and a tank top.

harry: im not telling you. but, i suggest you go up stairs and get ready in what el gives you to wear.

kay: oh um ok.. 


kays pov

i turned around smiling and head upstairs to el. i walk into my room to see a beautiful dress that i have never seen before (btw i will post a link later if you want to see it) layed down onto my bed along with shoes and accessories. i get ready and let el do my hair. 


kay: so do you know where my date is ?

el: mm maybe....

kay: tell me!!!

el: nope


after i was done i looked in the mirror and smiled. i head down stairs to see harry stand up with his eyes wide open.

kay: i suggest you stop staring or you are going to be very lonely on this date.

harry: oh um ok.... so are you ready love?

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