Live While Were Young

Im Britney and I'm absolutly in-love with Liam James Payne, My friends and I are in a band called Just Smile and 1D come to our school just for us. Chloe, Heidi and Madiee. Chloe loves Harry, Heidi loves Louis and Madiee loves Niall. Perrie has Zayn (;


4. The Airport and on the plane

As we arrived at the airport there were girls lining up and screaming for the boys. I guess they read Harry's tweet. We all put earplugs in, grabbed our suitcases and left the van. We walked into the airport and it was so quiet. We went to the desk, gave our luggage to the lady and went looking for flight section 22.

We quickly got something from Macca's before we boarded our plane. WE WERE GOING TO PARIS!!!! We were in the air and Harry decided to become nude with just a blanket around him. Chloe was sitting next him and was loving it. Louis was next to Heidi, Zayn was next to Perrie, Madiee was next to Niall, Liam was next to me and Paul was a loner.

After a while I asked Liam why Danielle wasn't there. He replyed " She dumped me for another man" He burst into tears. I tried to comfort him but it wasn't working. Then I kissed him. He stopped crying and was doing a cute little sadish smirk. Suddenly we turned to hear Louis crying. I guess Heidi asked the same question. Niall and Madiee were hitting it off. They talked and ate and talked and ate the whole way. I swear they were holding hands!!

I couldn't believe we were the only ones in First Class (: Liam and I were talking about the others, Saying how their personalities matched. Then it came down to us. We had quite alot in common. Both of our favourite colours were purple, we both loved plaided tops and we both had a 'thing' for Turtle's and Toy Story.

We were talking for a while and then Liam went silent. " What's wrong Liam?" I asked. He replied "Well... Britney. There's this girl and... I really like her but-". " But what??" I whispered. "I don't know if she likes me." He answered.

I was thinking who couldn't love Liam James Payne!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!? He's so freaking awesome! I love him so much. I love him for him. Not 'coz he's famous.Actually, I have really strong feelings for him <3  "LIAAM!" I called. He took a quick glance and turned his head to face the floor again. I LOVEE YOUUUU!! I screamed. Everyone stared at me. Awkward? "Britney!! Your truly the girl of my dreams! I LOVEE YOUU TOOOOOOOO!! He yelled back. We just smiled at eachother and then he kissed my fore head.

*Buckle up yout belts everyone. We are about to land!" We heard though the speakers.

The plane had landed and we boared off. I was walking with the girls and the boys were up the front. I asked Madiee Chloe and Heidi what they talked about. Madiee told us that her and Niall were offically a couple. Chloe said the the same about Harry and Heidi said that Louis asked her out but she hadn't replied.

"What?!" Madiee Chloe and I yelled! "YOU DIDN'T SAY YES!!!!!!" We screamed  together. "Run to him" Chloe said retardedly. Heidi walked over to him. We couldn't hear anything but I think she mouthed 'Yes'. Louis lifted Heidi into the air and spun her around hugging her. So we guessed they were dating too. Now it was just Liam and I that were single. I told the other girls that I was single. "But what about what happened on the plane??" Madiee questioned. I didn't answer. We were quiet when we left the airport.

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