Live While Were Young

Im Britney and I'm absolutly in-love with Liam James Payne, My friends and I are in a band called Just Smile and 1D come to our school just for us. Chloe, Heidi and Madiee. Chloe loves Harry, Heidi loves Louis and Madiee loves Niall. Perrie has Zayn (;


3. Leaving the school ((: KEEN!

We ran back to our classes and packed up our stuff while One Direction were signing autographs.

All of us got into the van and they took us back to our homes. First stop - My house. We got there and I stepped out the black van and Mum and dad were standing out the front. Very unusual. My parents split when I was eleven. Why were they together?? Anyway, I went inside and packed my bags. I wrote down a checklist so I wouldn't forget anything.

I put my suitcases in the black van and said goodbye to my parents. I gave them the biggest hugs ever. I told them that I love them heaps and I had a locket on my neck. There were 6 spaces, I had a picture of Milly, my dog, Mum, Dad, Erin, my sister, Lachlan, my eldest brother, and Zach my other brother. They gave me money for credit on my phone and emergencies. As we left the driveway I started to cry. I cuddled up with Liam and he we comforting me. After we went to the other girls places and did the same thing we went off to the airport.

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