Live While Were Young

Im Britney and I'm absolutly in-love with Liam James Payne, My friends and I are in a band called Just Smile and 1D come to our school just for us. Chloe, Heidi and Madiee. Chloe loves Harry, Heidi loves Louis and Madiee loves Niall. Perrie has Zayn (;


7. Just Fun (:

I woke up in the morning and Liam was cuddling me. I slipped out of his grip and made a cup of english tea. Liam walked out to the kitchen wearing his batman boxers and asked me where the others were. I found a note on the bench while I was making my tea. It read:

Hello whoever is reading this.

Madiee, Zayn, Perrie, Chloe, Harry, And I have poped out to get some groceries.

Love Niall <3

I passed the note to Liam and he read it aloud. So pretty much it ment that Heidi, Louis, Liam and I were the only ones at the hotel penthouse. I really don't think they should've taken Niall. He might've bought out the whole store.

Anyway, Louis and Heidi walked out of their room holding hands. I looked over at Liam. He turned to face me too and as soon as I saw his face I looked straight at the ground blushing. I saw him frowning out the coner of my eye. Gosh I'm so stupid. Heidi kissed Louis on the cheek, let go of his hand and walked over to me. We hugged. I was really quiet and intense. Then Heidi turned on the radio. 'Boom Boom' by Justice Crew was on and I instantly remembered the Blue Light Disco Just Smile attended years ago. Then I remembered the Dace we made up to it with our old friends Jake and Rebecca. That was the best night of my life.

Heidi and I started to do the dance and the guys caught on quickly. Liam started beatboxing to the song. We were all having so much fun!!

In walked the others with the groceries. They out the stuff in the kitchen and came out and joined us.

Everyone was having heaps of fun then the song finished. "POOP!!" Chloe called out.

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