Live While Were Young

Im Britney and I'm absolutly in-love with Liam James Payne, My friends and I are in a band called Just Smile and 1D come to our school just for us. Chloe, Heidi and Madiee. Chloe loves Harry, Heidi loves Louis and Madiee loves Niall. Perrie has Zayn (;


6. First Date <3

That day we left the hospital and went back to the hotel. Liam sent me a text:

Heey Bub! Meet me at the top of the eiffel tower at 8:00.

I looked over at the clock. It was 7:00. I started to get ready. I went though all my clothes and picked out a lacey turquoise knee-length dress, Apple green flats and blueish-green bangles. I only did some make-up only because I don't look good in it but I put on some black eye-liner and my eye colour looked Green instead of Hazel. I looked at the time again and it was 7:50. Better start going!

I got out the front and there was a limo waiting for me. I jumped in and 'I wish' was playing.

I arrived and got out of the limo. I went straight to the top and there was a table in a bright red table-cloth. It looked so romantic with the candles and flowers on it. Liam walked around the corner and saw me. He frose for a bit then walked over to me reaching out a bouquet of flowers for me to clasp onto. I grabbed them and he kissed my forehead. We walked to the table and sat down.

 A waiter brought us out spagetti and meatballs.I was in the middle of eating and Liam got down on his knee. "Britney". Liam said. "I know I have only know you for a few weeks but...... But will you marry me?!?"

I was so happy! I almost choked on my food though.I swollowed and screamed "Yes Liam! Yes! I love you so much!" He slipped the diamond ring from in the velvet box onto my finger and we kissed pationately again.

We got home and I showed my ring to everyone. "Congrats" Perrie called to me. Madiee looked so proud of me. Everyone was congratulating Liam and I. I stood up and said to everyone that I was really tired and went off to my room. I took off my make-up and put my cookie monster pajamas on. I lai down on the bed and got under the covers when Liam walked in. He got changed as well into his PJ's and got under the covers with me.


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