Live While Were Young

Im Britney and I'm absolutly in-love with Liam James Payne, My friends and I are in a band called Just Smile and 1D come to our school just for us. Chloe, Heidi and Madiee. Chloe loves Harry, Heidi loves Louis and Madiee loves Niall. Perrie has Zayn (;


2. Assembly

First lesson we had an all school assembly and the choir was peforming . All of us girls were in the choir. Chloe, Heidi and I are in Alto's and Madiee Soprano's.

As the classes walked into the hall the choir was standing up the front in our postions. In the middle of 2012 Festival Of Music song 'Black Fella, White Fella' two black vans pulled up on the other side of the road. The van's looked familiar. All of a sudden I could see dark curly hair coming through the door. then I could see the persons face. IT WAS HARRY STYLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

Harry was Chloe's favourite of the band. She saw him and screamed. Everyone in the hall went silent. Then the rest of One Direction, Paul and Perrie came out. They walked over to the door and Liam opened it. I freaked out. IT WASS LIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM! (P.s. He's my favee if you didn't realise).Wait. Why wasn't Eleanor and Danielle there. I was really confused.

They walked in and everyone stared. It was very awkward. Louis spoke to break the silence. He called out "Is Just Smile here, you know Brit, Chloe, Madiee and Heidi?" His british accent was hot. Everyone in the hall pointed to us.

Us girls walked towards them. I was screaming inside. I could tell Madiee was to. She adored Niall <3. She always said he is perfect in everyway. All of us already knew that was true. One of my not-so-nice friends stood up and ran to Liam as he was her favourite too. I yelled at her '' MIKAELA!!! GET AWAY FROM HIM!!'' Lucky Paul was there to stop her (:

We finally reached One Direction and Zayn gave us his phone. "Ring you parents" He said calmly.

One by one we rang our parents asking to go on tour with 1D. Each parent said yes. Except from Madiee's mum. But it was all good 'coz Heidi got down on her knees.

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