Not always your way

Alexis was in trouble
She had to get away
How was she to do that
With that reminder that will last forever?


1. Start of hell

I walked in to the hallway as the bell rang trying to hide my face, trying to hide from him . I felt someone pull me into a hug and looked to see my best friend Christy. She started to laugh so hard she had tears running from her eyes,'Why are you laughing? ' I asked " I missed you so much just seeing your face makes me laugh in a good way not an insult" we laughed together and when i turned on the same time we saw him, blue eyes, dark wavy hair looking at my face with an evil smirk. I had to run, had to leave I was looking at evil! Do you know how bad it felt, he just smiled and walked away at that time I was lucky but just had to fake being sick.

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