Tell Me A Lie

Everyone I Have Seen Has Lived And Died, Is There More Than This To Life, Is There Really Good In This World, Is There A Point To It All. All Of This Is Thought By All Of Us At One Stage In Our Life But To Me ( Jacqui ) It's All I Ever Think About...


7. Why?


Liam's P.O.V.   Hello is this the Horan Residence? Someone asked me from the other line. Yes this is the Horan Residence, May I know who I am talking to please? I'm Mrs Horan's carpet cleaner and I was supposed to be arriving today but unfortunately, I wont be able to arrive until tomorrow. Would you please tell Mrs Horan, I will be there tomorrow? Of course I will, thank you for the message.   I put the phone down and sat back down on the couch next to Zayn. Zayn was crying now so I rubbed his back and told him that I was sure everything will be ok. Harry went off to get jackets for us all and also our shoes. I ended up putting Zayn's shoes on him because he was in the middle of screaming out and crying. Harry put his own on and then went upstairs. I calmed Zayn down enough to get him to have a quick sleep on the couch because I could tell he was so tired. I went up to find Harry. I knocked on Niall's door lightly, GO AWAY! Harry yelled. I opened the door and saw all the blood on the floor. I walked over to Harry who was pushing himself into a corner.   He told me how it was all his fault. If I hadn't of said I thought Jacqui was hot, Niall wouldn't of walked out of the room but because he did Louis went to sit with him and Jacqui and because of that he broke one of Jacqui's perfume bottles and while he was picking up the glass the accidently hacked his hands open and the bleeding just wouldn't stop. Harry was balling his eyes out by now after explaining to me but never taking his eyes off the puddle of blood in the middle of the room.    WHY?!?! I started to scream out and immediately the phone rings so as quick as I can I run down to lounge and trip down the stairs but still manage to limp over to the phone. Hello? Oh My God Niall! Is Louis going to be ok? What's going on?   LIAM CALM THE HELL DOWN! I literally had to pull the phone away from my ears. Louis is in surgery and we don't know anything else but you and the boys can come to the hospital. See you in about an hour Niall.
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