Tell Me A Lie

Everyone I Have Seen Has Lived And Died, Is There More Than This To Life, Is There Really Good In This World, Is There A Point To It All. All Of This Is Thought By All Of Us At One Stage In Our Life But To Me ( Jacqui ) It's All I Ever Think About...


4. What Do You Think?


Niall's P.O.V.   I can't stop thinking about Jacqui, she is the prettiest girl I have ever seen. I want to know everything about her, see how much we have in common but she is so shy and I don't know why but is kinda avoids the guys around her, I wonder why.   Knock Knock* Excuse me Jacqui. It's just me, Niall. I wanted to ask if you were ok, you seem to be avoiding me and the other guys. Please come in Niall, it's ok, she said. I walked in and she seemed happy to talk. So Jacqui, why do you avoid us? It's complicated, she managed to explain about her step dad and showed me the bruises on her stomach, then she told me to wait while she went into the bathroom. She came out and all you could she was her face, bright green, purple and heavy amounts of black scattered over it. When I saw it, I could of swore I nearly fainted.    My mum took her to the doctors office to get an X-Ray of her ribs and her jaw. Turns out she had 4 fractured ribs and had to have 3 teeth surgically removed immediately. She came out of the doctors office with 5 different medication bottles to help her with the bruising.   While they were out, my mum took her shopping for some new clothes because the only ones she had were ripped, stained and unfix-able  She came back with 10 new outfits because my mum already loved her in a daughter way. 2 dresses, 2 pairs of P.J's and the rest were skinny jeans and tops which ranged in heaps of different colours. But they all had some part of them covered in green which I found coincidental being the fact that green is my favourite colour.   Later that day I was watching Toy Story with Liam in the lounge when louis jumped on me. He started talking to me about going to Nando's for lunch and suddenly my face lit up like a 100gw light bulb. I started to squeaze him into a hug to thank him and then for no reason he brought up the conversation of Jacqui. After about a 5 minute talk about her, Harry walked in. He started talking. Hey guys, I have been kinda listening in and just random question Niall, about Jacqui, what do you think?
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