Tell Me A Lie

Everyone I Have Seen Has Lived And Died, Is There More Than This To Life, Is There Really Good In This World, Is There A Point To It All. All Of This Is Thought By All Of Us At One Stage In Our Life But To Me ( Jacqui ) It's All I Ever Think About...


14. No More Awkwardness

Harry's P.O.V.

I heard the front door open and her voice traveled in through it, she was singing to herself quietly but being in a room quite empty it echoed. I sat on the otherside of the lounge room door with the other boys. I had to sit down on the floor because I was so light headed at the time and hearing her voice made me dizzy. Jacqui opened up the door and I quickly moved out of her way and got up. Ok guys you know what to do. She ordered Louis to cover my eyes because it was a suprise for both Natalie and Me.

She opened the door to check that Natalie's eyes where still closed and she quickly ran over to her and covered Natalie's eyes with her hands and she waved at us to come over. We walked into the room and sat down on the couch in the order Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall and Zayn. Jacqui called the numbers out 3-2-1 and then she told us to take our hands away from our eyes. Almost imediatly Natalie fell out of her seat but she remained calm while she did so casually looking at different people and rubbing her eyes. Then she looked at me again but this time she didn't look away. At the same time shyly we said hi. Hi louis shouted followed by Niall then Zayn and finally Liam.

Natalie just laughed and so did Jacqui. It could not have been any more soldier style. Eventually we all just burst out laughing after Natalie and Jacqui had stopped. Jacqui went into the kitchen to prepare lunch and Niall followed her. After about ten minutes Niall came back out screaming with excitement. Change of plans, off to lunch we go and Natalie pretty much reading Nialls mind screamed Nando's just as he was about to do it. Imediatly he ran up to her and jumped on her. It's my Nando's not yours. He screamed and she screamed back in arguement No it's my Nando's.

Jacqui came out holding a black spiked handbag and Niall imediatly got off Natalie and ran to the door. I went over to Natalie to help her up off the couch but instead Louis tripped me over and I accidentally fell on top of coffee table which was right next to her. I looked at her and we both started laughing I got off of the table and helped her up and as she walked to the door I hit Lou playfully in the head and whispered to him why did you trip me? His reply-I ment for you to land on her not the table and I hit him in the head again but this time not so playfully.
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