Tell Me A Lie

Everyone I Have Seen Has Lived And Died, Is There More Than This To Life, Is There Really Good In This World, Is There A Point To It All. All Of This Is Thought By All Of Us At One Stage In Our Life But To Me ( Jacqui ) It's All I Ever Think About...


9. Good Match

Jacqui's P.O.V.

I stayed at Louis's side until he fell asleep. After ten minutes of watching him sleep I got called into an examintaion room. I felt uncomfortable with being in there seeing as I had to have a rape kit test along with various other X-rays for my bones and facial tissue. I was told that only one of my ribs was fractured now and the facial bruising should be gone within a month the other part of it was not quite as good news.

I walked into Lou's room and sat down in the chair. I started to ball my eyes out but quietly knowing that Louis was still sleeping. Bad thing is Lou is a light sleeper so I easily woke him up. What's wrong love? Louis asked me. I stopped crying and gave him a hug.

Lou can I tell you something? I asked him and he nodded. Promise not to tell the boys but I have to go into surgery and have a couple of bone shatters removed from my lungs. If I don't have them removed there is a high possibility it might cause a puncture and I wouldn't survive but if I have it tonight I can go by tomorrow. He promised me he wouldn't tell them anything.

He told me what the boys were up to whilst I was out shopping with Mrs. Horan. He explained how they had a conversation about me and then he explained why this thing to him happened. I sat there thinking to myself sadly but thinking how lucky I was to have 5 of the Hottest boys in the world talking about me let alone liking me more than a friend.

Jacqui? He asked me. Yes Lou? I replied. Do you like Niall? I froze once again and did the exact thing that I did at the shops. When I was able to speak again I asked him why. Jacqui, I think he loves you, he constantly talks about how perfect your hair sits on your shoulders or your alluring smile. Your beautiful eyes or gorgeous personality. If you make it out of this surgery you should consider it. You and Niall would make a good match.
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