Tell Me A Lie

Everyone I Have Seen Has Lived And Died, Is There More Than This To Life, Is There Really Good In This World, Is There A Point To It All. All Of This Is Thought By All Of Us At One Stage In Our Life But To Me ( Jacqui ) It's All I Ever Think About...


11. Emergency Broadcast

Jacqui's P.O.V.

Boys is it ok if my best friend comes over? She called my yesterday and if she is allowed you'll meet her tomorrow. Her name is Natalie and she really likes you guys but not as a fan as a directioner. I'm sure you will like her she is as much a spaz as all of you are combined. Is it ok if she comes over just to visit? All together they said yes as if they rehearsed it.

We sorted it out and I rung up Natalie to confirm times because her dad said she was allowed to come. The only thing is I didn't tell her the boys where living here and she thought it was just another one of my friends house.

Later we all went down to the lounge to watch a movie and we ended up watching the news because Niall, Zayn, Harry and I couldn't stand Louis and Liam fighting over whether to watch Toy Story or not. After about 15 mins of watching the news the was an emergency broadcast.

* Hello my name is Erin Hickman and I am here with an emergency broadcast. 16 year old Jacqui went missing just over a month ago. Who-ever took her we beg of you to hand yourself over to the police and return Jacqui to her loving father. Here is her father with a message. ' Who-ever you are please bring her back to me, I love her so much she is all I have left after my wife died in a car accident nearly 5 months ago. Please please give her back.*

Niall switched off the TV and gave the boys a sturn look then asked them the question, Did you guys see this emergency broadcast? All the other boys said No and because of that Niall and I smiled.
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