Stole My Heart

Liz, who absolutely despises One Direction, is forced to go to a concert with her best friend. When Harry Styles takes her phone onstage, her whole life is turned around.


2. My Phone, Not Yours


The car ride to the arena took about an hour, and then it took like another half-an-hour just to find parking. Charlotte dragged me through the parking lot as she made a mad dash for the doors.

“We’re late! Oh my goodness! We are so late!” she kept murmuring. Char showed the security guard our tickets and we headed inside.

“What’s the big deal? Who cares if we're late?” I asked. Char gave me one of her death stares and responded that she would not miss one second of this concert.

 I looked around at the girls that were shuffling into their seats. Many were dressed up in tight dresses, heals, and a ton of jewelry, others were in every 1d merchandise they could possibly pile on. And then there were people that were dressed like me.

Oh and of course there were the parents of the kids who dragged them hear. We sat down in our seats, which were in the first row! I can’t believe that Char would pay this much to see One Direction.

 “Shit, I forgot my camera!” Charlotte cried out. “Oh no! I got front row tickets and now I can’t even take pictures!”

“Use your phone,” I said.

“I broke the camera on it.” It looked like she was close to tears.

“I’ll take pictures for you.” I offered. She broke into a huge grin and hugged me.

During the opening act, I kinda blanked out, so I can’t tell you much about it. Then, One Direction came on and the crowd went absolutely insane. They sang a couple song that I didn’t know, and then they started answering twitter questions-which I have to admit was original.

They were just about to start What Makes You Beautiful, and I snapped a picture. But before I could put my phone away, Harry grabs it out of my hand and starts playing with it on stage! The crowd went wild; I bet every girl in there wished it was their phone that he had taken.

“What the fuck are you doing? Gimme my phone back!” I screamed. He just made a silly face and continued playing on it! I saw him take selfies but I wasn’t sure what else he was doing. This was unbelievable; he just stole my phone right out of my hand! I saw him then stick it in his pocket as they started the song! I wanted to kill him right now!

“Chill, you’ll just get it back at the meet and greet.” Charlotte said. I could tell that she was amazed that a member of one direction stole MY phone. I tried to calm down and look like I was having a good time, except I couldn’t help but notice that for the rest of the concert, Harry kept staring at me whenever he sang.


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