It hurts to think you've ever cried (Niall Horan Love Story)

Nina Atwood is childhood best friends with Louis Tomlinson, she is also best friends with Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall. What happens when Nina finds out that her boyfriend cheated on her. Can Niall fix her broken heart????


5. Chapter 4

Nina's POV

2 weeks later it was officially my 21st and also my comp, Sarah and Heath are back in Sydney and the guys are still on tour, I woke up had a shower got in to my riding outfit, feed the dogs and put the float on the car and got a message on my phone.

To Nina <3

From Demi

Good news I’m in Doncaster doing a tour can I come over?

To Demi

From Nina <3

Right now I’m getting ready for my comp, you can come and watch

To Nina <3

From Demi

Sure I’ll be your good luck, oh wait happy birthday

To Demi

From Nina <3

Thanks that’s the only one I got this morning, and before you say anything I’m not doing anything

To Nina <3

From Demi

Be at your place in 10

I stopped texting and fed the horses then loaded the float with the horse gear and went inside. 10 minutes later Demi came over and we hugged, she helped put Coca and Thunder in the float then we got in my car and drove to the comp. We were talking about everything her tour, anyone we fancied, I told her about Eddie, she was sorry to hear that, we arrived at the comp and I went to sign in, I was number 369, I opened the float and took Coca and Thunder to their stable and started brushing them down.

“Where are the guys?” Demi replies

“Tour they should be back next month” I replies

“Have you heard from them?” Demi replies

“I’ve gotten texts but that’s all” I replied

“Well when we get back I have a surprise or you” Demi replies

“I don’t want anything” I replied

I moved from Coca’s stall to Thunder’s and started brushing m, I don’t ride until last so I have an hour to kill, Demi and I got to a stand and got something to eat. It was time for show jumping so I got Coca ready.

“We can do this, it’s just you and me that are out there” I said into Coca’s ear

I walked Coca over to the area and tied her up, the girl before me Callie knocked over 3 poles and now it’s my turn, I untied Coca and got on her and made our way to the arena.

“We can do this girl, just think of it as we are home practicing” I said to Coca

We jumped the first jump and we managed not to knock over any of them, when I finished I was in the lead, I walked Coca out of the arena, dismounted from her and took her to her stall, I untacked her and brushed her down and gave her some water, Demi came over to me and hugged me.

“You were awesome” Demi replies

“Really, I just wish the guys were here to see it that’s all” I replied

I moved the tack to Thunder’s stall so I could get him ready; I had something to drink and patted Thunder then Coca, Demi and I sat down for a while and chatted then I got a text on my phone.

To Nina <3

From Niall

I know you’ve had your heart broken, and it’s hurts to see you cry, so will I be your knight in shining armour and mend your broken heart, in other words will you go out with me.

To Niall

 From Nina <3

Sure I’ll go out with you, I’ve like you from the moment I met you, and I’m sure you’ll mend my heart.

Niall P.O.V

I’m so happy she said yes, I can’t believe she like me from the get go.

“Guys she said yes” I yelled to the others

“I’m warning you; if you break her heart like that jerk I will hurt you” Louis replies

“Don’t worry mate like I’m going to hurt a girl like Nina” I replied

“Does she know we finished the tour early and we are coming home tomorrow?” Harry replies

“I don’t think so, anyway isn’t she at her comp today” I replied

To Nina <3

From Niall

Hey good luck can’t wait to see you

To Niall

From Nina <3

Miss you guys heaps see you soon


Nina’s P.O.V

I had an hour to kill before I went to mu next comp.

“Guess what?” I replied jumping up and down

“What?” Demi replies

“Niall asked me out” I replied smiling

“That’s great, I’m happy for you” Demi replies

An hour later I got Thunder ready for cross country, I walked him over to the start.

“I’ll be back before you can say ‘One Direction’ 10 times really fast” I said to Demi

I got on Thunder and got ready.

“Okay number 369 on your marks get set go” replies one of the judges and fires a gun.

I kicked Thunder and we were off we jump 5 jumps and 4 rivers, we came back and my time was 3 minutes and 2 secs. I got off Thunder and took him to his stall and untacked him and brushed him and gave him some water.

“You were fantastic” Demi replies running up

“Thanks” I replied

“Man saying one direction really fast so many tomes is a tongue twister” Demi replies

“There about to announce the winners” I replied grabbing Demi’s arm

We got to the judges and waited for the results.

“Okay since there were no dressage today we are going straight into show jumping, okay in third place is Lola McKenzie, second place goes to Jack Harper and in first place with an amazing score and time goes to Nina Atwood” replies the first judge.

I got up and grabbed the metal and trophy, and went back down to Demi.

“Well done Nins” Demi replies

“But all the credit should go to Coca” I replied

“Okay now for the results for cross country, okay in third place with a time of 6 minutes 30 goes to Frank Willis, in second place with a time of 4 minutes 55 goes to Danni Richard, and in first place with 3 minutes and 2 secs goes to Nina Atwood” replies the second judge

Demi claps loudly and I got my metal and trophy.

“Okay now Nina has a chance to go to nationals and compete for this country and the nationals are in 8 months” replies the third judge.

I walked off to Demi and she gave me a hug, we walked off put Coca and Thunder back in the float.

“Good job guys each of use gets 2 carrots tonight sound good” I replied

Coca and Thunder whinnied, I shut the float door and got in the car and went back to my place, Demi went inside while I put Coca ad Thunder in the paddock so they could run around, I went up to my room and got changed, I went down and Kiki and Buster ran up to me, I patted the dogs and got them something to eat, then went in the kitchen.

 “Do you want anything to eat or drink?” I asked

“Just coke please” Demi replies

I got a can of coke and a bottle of water and walked into the lounge.

“When are the boys coming back?” Replies Demi

“Um...I think tomorrow they got off tour early” I replied

“So I said I had a surprise for you” Demi replies

“I told you” I replied

“I know I know but here anyway” Demi replies handing me a present.

Wonder what it is....







............ I opened it and it was VIP tickets to her concert and also VIP tickets to One Direction concert, when they come to England. I hugged Demi and she hugged back.

"Thank you, do you want to stay the night or are you leaving?" I replied

"Actually, I have to go to London, so I'll see you tomorrow" Demi replies

I walked Demi out to her car and Demi hugged me.

"Take care, and don't let that what's his face bring you down" Demi replies

"Don't know what your talking about" I replied

Demi drove away, I went back inside, I fed Coca and Thunder, Covered them up for the night and kissed them goodnight. I went bac inside and fed Kiki and Buster.

To: Louis, Zayn, Harry, Niall and Liam
From: Nina <3
You never guess what happened today, I came first in all my events and in 8 months I go to Nationals.

To: Nina <3
From: Niall
Congrates can't wait to see you

To: Nina <3
From: Louis
Well done see you soon

To: Nina and Louis
From Hazza
Lou our baby girl is growing up

To: Harry
From: Nina <3
Watch it Styles I'm older and taller then you

To: Nina <3
From: Hazza
I'm so scared

To: Harry
From Nina <3
You better watch it

I stopped texting the boys and made chicken mac and cheese for dinner.

To: mum, Sarah and Heath
From: Nina <3
Got all firstss today, and in 8 months I go to Nationals, and guess where they are

To: Nina <3
From: Mum :)
Congrates and where?

To: Mum :)
Sydney, I'm coming to visit

To: Nina <3
From: Sarah and Heath
Yay our sis is coming can't wait, what did you get for your birthday?

To: Heath and Sarah
From: Nina <3
The only thing I got today was a gift from Demi which was VIP concert tickets for her concert and One Direction concert.

To: Nina <3
From: Mum :)
Our gifts were sent yesterday, so you should get them next week

To: mum :)
From: Nina <3
Thanks, and I'm going to need to go to bed, had a long day

I went upstairs and hopped into bed and fell asleep.


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