It hurts to think you've ever cried (Niall Horan Love Story)

Nina Atwood is childhood best friends with Louis Tomlinson, she is also best friends with Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall. What happens when Nina finds out that her boyfriend cheated on her. Can Niall fix her broken heart????


4. Chapter 3

A week later I woke up to a text message.

To Nina <3

From Louis

Hope your comps go well, we will miss you, we’re off to the airport

To Louis

From Nina <3

Good luck maybe I’ll see you at the airport

To Nina <3

From Louis

Why’s that

To Louis

From Nina <3

I have to pick up Heath and Sarah from the airport

I got up and dressed, feed the horses and unrugged them, feed the dogs and went to the airport, Sarah and Heath’s plane lands in half an hour. Then I heard screaming great the boys are here, I sat down waiting for Sarah and Heath, half an hour.

“Flight 243 landing from Sydney, Australia is now landing” PA says

5 minutes later I saw Sarah and Heath, they saw me, they ran to me and hugged me, I took them to the luggage area to collect their bags and went to the car.

“Okay now tell me about that bastard Eddie” Heath replies

“Heath language” I replied

“Sorry” Heath replies

“Okay so a week ago it was our 4 year anniversary, I was going to surprise him, but when the door opened a girl in his t-shirt answered it, and 2 seconds later Eddie comes out and says that I was a mistake and ever should have gone out with me” I replied trying to keep the tears from escaping my eyes

“I’m so sorry Nina are you okay?” Sarah replies

“Yeah I’m fine, what do you want to do?”

“Shopping” Sarah replies

“Beach” Heath replies

“Okay so we’ll go home so you can put your stuff away then we will go shopping and then to the beach” I replied

“How’s mum?” I replied

“She’s good but she misses you” Sarah replies

“I miss her to all of you, Louis came around the other day” I replied

“How is he?” Heath replies

“Well he’s great actually so are the others boys, but today they left for tour and won’t be back for a month” I replied

“When’s your comps?” Sarah replies

“2 weeks it happens to be on my birthday” I replied

“Do you want anything for your 21st?” Heath replies

“No I don’t want anything for my birthday, just want to spend it at home, but can’t cause I have my comps” I replied

We got home I helped Sarah and Heath bring their bags in to the guests rooms, then we left and went shopping, we spent half an hour at the shops Sarah brought about the whole mall vertically, then we went to the beach.

“Okay we will stay here for an hour because I need to train” I replied

Sarah and Heath went in the water while I stayed on the sand, my phone started ringing: you only want me cause I’m taken guess who it is.

 “What do you want?” I yelled into the phone

“You know what I want” Eddie replies

“Look buster listen to me carefully we are done, over, comput” I replied

“Fine I didn’t want you anyway what a waste of 4 years” Eddie replies

“I agree with you 4 years I could have found another guy that isn’t a jerk like you” I said and hung up.

I deleted his number and started listening to my ipod. An hour later we left the beach and went home.

“What games do you have?” Heath replies

“”There’s a whole box filled with them in the corner in the lounge” I replied

So Heath and Sarah went in the lounge while I got changed and went out the back, I patted Coca and got her ready for the jumps.

“Okay in 2 weeks it’s the comps and we need to get prepared” I said to Coca

I walked Coca the jumping rink and set up the jumps that are going to be in the comps, I mounted up on Coca and we started jumping, we got to the next jump, suddenly Coca stopped and I fell of Coca and screamed, Sarah and Heath came running out, Sarah helped me up but I couldn’t stand on my leg.

“It’s properly sprained” I said to Sarah

I got hold of Coca’s reins and took her to her stable I untacked her and brushed her down, then went inside and sat down in the lounge.

“Do you need anything?” Heath replies

“No thank you I’m fine” I replied

At 5 I got up and made lasagne and popped it out in the over to cook.

Heath’s P.O.V

Sarah and I were in a middle of wii boxing when we heard Nina scream, both of us ran outside and saw her on the ground, we both ran up to her and Sarah helped Nina up. Nina got hold of Coca’s reins ad took her to the stable.

“Do you think she’ll be okay?” I replied

“Nina is a tough cookie, she’ll be fine” Sarah replies

All of us went back inside and Nina sits down in the lounge.

“Do you want anything?” I said to Nina

“No thank you” she replies

I sat down next to her ad hugged her.

“I missed you so much” I replied

“Me too, but mum wanted a change and since your still underage you had to go with mum” Nina replies

Then Nina got up and went into the kitchen.

“She shouldn’t be on her foot, after that fall anyway” I replied

“It’s Nina she’ll be fine, I remember one time you weren’t even born yet, I was about 2 which would make Nina 6 1/2 , she just started riding as well, one day her trainer wanted her to jump a jump, which was about just under my bust anyway, she was going for the jump when her horse got scared and bucked Nina off, she hurt her ankle pretty bad but she never rested that foot she wanted to show to people that she was strong even though she was in pain. Anyway my point is Nina doesn’t like to sit still for too log.” Sarah explained to me

At 5:30 dinner was ready so Nina called Sarah me to come get dinner, after dinner Nina had a shower changed into her pjs and Sarah, Nina and I had a movie marathon and we sat down eating sweets and watching movies all night.


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