It hurts to think you've ever cried (Niall Horan Love Story)

Nina Atwood is childhood best friends with Louis Tomlinson, she is also best friends with Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall. What happens when Nina finds out that her boyfriend cheated on her. Can Niall fix her broken heart????


3. Chapter 2

Nina's POV

The next day I was woken up by someone banging on the front door, I got up half asleep and groaned and I opened the door.

“Good morning love” Louis replies

“Hey what time is it?” I replied

“Quarter to 11” Louis replies

I saw the boys outside; Harry comes up to me and hugs me.

“Hazza” I replied

Then I got a hug from Liam

“Daddy Direction” I replied

Liam was pushed out of the way by Zayn and hugged me.

“Vas Happenin’?” I replied

“I’m fantastic” Zayn replies

Then I see Niall he walks up to me and hugs me and I hug back

“Okay you can come in while I change and feed the animals” I replied moving out of the way so the others could come in.

I went up to my room got dressed, then came down and feed Kiki and Buster, then went outside, took off Coca and Thunder’s blankets and feed them.

“Later on I’ll do some jumping with you” I said into Coca’s ear

I moved to Thunder.

“How about I’ll do some cross country with you later on” I said into his ear

Thunder whined and flicked his tail side to side, I put Coca and Thunder into the paddock so they could run around, I went back inside and saw the guys in the lounge.

“So guys what do you want to do?” I said sitting next to Niall

“What about watching a movie?” Harry replies

“Okay what one?” I said getting up

I walked over to the capnet with the DVDs in it.

“Toy Story” Liam replies

I pulled out all the toy story movies and placed toy story 1 in the DVD player and turned it on, we sat and watched toy story, my phone started ringing: you only want me cause I’m taken, I grabbed my phone and saw that it was Eddie, I ended the call and sat back down.

“Who was that?” Louis says turning towards me

“Nobody” I replied while putting on a fake smile

“I know that you are lying Nins” Louis replies

“It’s not the time okay so just drop it” yelling the last bit

I got up and went to change into my riding clothes and went outside, I tacked up coca and took her into the jumping rink, I set up the jumps that I’ve been trying to do with Coca for a while but never succeed I got on Coca.

“Alright girl you ready?” I said into Coca’s ear

I kicked Coca and we started jumping, we knocked over 3.

“It’s alright girl we can take it easy” I said

I got off Coca and set the jumps back up and got back on Coca and we started again, this time we managed to knock over none.

“Well done girl for that you deserve 2 carrots tonight” I said into Coca’s ear

Then I heard clapping so I turned around and saw the boys.

“So you are still riding” Louis replies

I nodded and put Coca back into her stable.

“Is there something you guys wanted?” I replied untacking Coca

“We need to talk” Louis replies

“Right now I’m training can it wait” I replied

I moved to Thunder’s stable and tacked him up, I walked out Thunder.

“I will be back before you know it” I replied getting on Thunder

I galloped Thunder and we went for a ride.

“What are we going to do now, does she know that we go back on tour next week and will be gone for a month?” Harry replies

“No I haven’t” Louis replies

10 minutes later I came back, I took Thunder back into his stable untacked and brushed him

“How about 2 carrots tonight?” I said

Thunder whined and I patted Thunder then walked out, I walked inside and Changed then went into the kitchen and had something to eat, my phone rang again but it was in the lounge, Louis grabbed my phone and saw who is was.

“If you want her back you’ve got to get past me first” Louis yelled

I walked into the lounge and saw Louis on the phone.

“Lou I can handle it” I said

“Before when you got all mad at us it was him Louis replies

I nodded and took my phone off Louis and went into the kitchen.

“What do you want?” I replied getting mad

“I want you back” Eddie replies

“That’s not what you said 2 days ago” I replied

“I know but I was drunk” Eddie replies

“What about that blonde bimbo, was she your sex toy or something” I replied

Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Liam walked into the kitchen

“She wasn’t my type” Eddie replies

“Then what is you type, blonde bimbos or something” I said semi yelling

Louis comes up to me and hugs me.

“Please can I meet you” Eddie replies

“I don’t think so” I replied

“You asked for it” Eddie replies

“What do you mean I asked for it?” I replied

“Hang up please” Liam replies

“Okay” I whispered to Liam

I hung up and the boys hugged me

“Are you okay?” Harry replies

“Yeah I had to get it off my chest” I replied

My phone once rang again I picked it up.

“What’s this I hear about Eddie?” Heath yells

“Whoa Heath how did you know, the only people I have told is Louis and mum, hang on did mum say anything” I replied

“Sort of she said that you are having trouble and then I put two and two together” Heath replies

“Look I’ll tell you everything next week when you and Sarah are here” I replied

“Wait their not here anymore where did they go?” Louis replies

“That’s right you were on tour for a year, mum, Sarah and Heath moved to Sydney while I stayed here” I said

Kiki and Buster came into the kitchen, Kiki jumped on me and I started to pat Kiki, Kiki got off and Buster jumped up so I patted him.

“Fine when you pick me and Sarah from the airport, we talk.”

“For a 13 year old you can be scary and serious” I replied

“I try” Heath replies

Heath hung up and we moved to the lounge.

“Nins we have something to tell you” Louis replies

“Okay what is it?” I replied

Next week we go back on tour” Zayn replies

“How long?” I replied

“A month” Niall replies

“I’m so happy for you guys, good luck” I replied

“You aren’t upset” Liam replies

“No because I have my comps on so I’ll be really busy” I replied

“Alright what’s for lunch I’m hungry” Niall replies

“Well what do you want?” I replied

“Well what do you have?” Niall replies

“Niall you know me I have everything, there’s some spaghetti leftover for from last night if you want it” I replied

Niall runs to the kitchen and heats up the spaghetti and comes back to the lounge and started eating

“What do you guys want?” I said turning to the guys

“We don’t know” Harry replies

“Alright I’ll surprise you” I said walking to the kitchen

I started making salad sandwiches and took them to the others.

“What about yourself” Zayn replies

“I’m not hungry” I replied sitting down

At 4 the boys had to leave so they could make it to London before tomorrow morning, I kissed their cheeks and shut the door, I got a bucket of ice cream and sat in the lounge, to tell you the truth I wasn’t okay, my heart is still in pieces from Eddie, which will never heal and the boys will be gone for a month, my life sucks. At 5:30 I went to feed Coca and Thunder gave them 2 carrots each and rugged them up, I went back inside and fed Kiki and Buster then went and had a shower and went to bed.

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