Sky Moka's History.

This story follows a girl who's name is Moka but her friends call her Sky because she always acts like the Sky and glows over everyone who is near here. It starts off when she awakens in a strange but new world. Once she wakes up she realizes she isn't in her world anymore this one is crawling with scary monsters. Goblins, giant spiders and much more.


2. The Truth.

The group of three start to head towards the castle. They soon reach the gate which keeps monsters and other humans out when there is an invasion. The gate screams as it opens almost and eye blistering noise, but bare-able. Not a word has been spoken since they left the house. They start to walk up the steps that lead to a great oak door. Geo pushes open the doors while two guards watch them pass by. As they walk through the great halls the only thing that can be heard was the sound of foots steps. They soon reach another set of doors which was also guarded by two guards.

This time the Guards speak," Halt! What have you came to the duke for?" Geo replies quickly to them," We have brought a young girl that knows about Runescape here for him to speak with." Without hesitation the guards open the doors to the duke's great chambers. They walk past the guards and into a low lighted room. Sitting at the far end of the room the duke says," What have you come to show me?" Geo drops to one knee, and the others copy him," Your majesty we have brought you a young girl that knows about Runescape." The duke looks at the young girl who is on her knee behind the two," Stand girl, Tell me your name." Moka stand up and looks at him," My name is Moka." He nods," Geo, Elizabeth, you two can leave I would like some time alone with this girl." They both stand and bow before leaving the room. "So you are the one that knows about Runescape?" She nods," Yes." " Do you know the true meaning of it?" He asks her. She looks at him in shock," What do you mean "the true meaning"? We know it as a game but thats it." He chuckles softly before responding," The truth behind Runescape is that it was based on a very old time. The time that we are living in now." He pauses waiting for he reaction. "Bu... Bu... But, if that time was very long ago then why am I here now and you as well?" He stands up walking closer to her," Long ago the gods put a magically spell on this time period. Basically it removed it from the history and just vanished. But it was brought back by the god's magic which made it into Runescape. Yes your time period knows it as a game but here it is the way we live." Moka still looking at him in shock replies," So that means this whole time we have been playing a character in your life?" He again nods," Yes we have meet great people in our time. When you played in your time what was your name?" She thinks back and then replies," Sky Moka." His face turns to shock," Really you was Sky Moka?!" She nods before asking," Why?" He laughs," She was a good friend of mine. Lets finish this over dinner."

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