Sky Moka's History.

This story follows a girl who's name is Moka but her friends call her Sky because she always acts like the Sky and glows over everyone who is near here. It starts off when she awakens in a strange but new world. Once she wakes up she realizes she isn't in her world anymore this one is crawling with scary monsters. Goblins, giant spiders and much more.


1. Awakening

Rustling leaves are heard and the songs of birds, as a young girl lies on the ground sprawled out. Her body moves softly as she slowly opens her eyes. Her eyes quickly adjust to the light of the sun as she sits up. 

She yawns then looks around thinking to herself," Where am I? I didn't go into a forest before I fell asleep last night did I?" She stands up unsure of what is going on. Looking through the forest trees she sees an house with smoke coming for the chimney. She starts to walk towards it hoping to find information about where she is at. As she gets closer to the house more building appear and soon a castle rises out of the trees. She gets to the door of the first house knocking on it softly. Before long the door creaks open, A normal looking man stands in the door way," My I help you?" He asks the young girl. She looks at him with surprise, His voice sounding very powerful," Ye... Ye.... Yes, I am wondering where am I right now?" He looks at her with an eyebrow risen," What do you mean where are you?" She replies," All I remember was that last night I was laying in bed ready to sleep and when I woke up I was here." Still with a risen eyebrow he says," Come in we will get this settled out." He steps aside to let her in. She slowly walks in not sure if she should or not, but once she is inside the house she feels more calm. A lady who looks to be in her mid twenties was sitting by a table in the middle of the room. "Who is this?" Ask the lady. The husband looks at her and says," Oh, my apologize. What is your name fare mad-dam?" The young girl looks at him and replies," My name is Moka." The lady stands up and curtsy," It is nice to meet you Moka, My name is Elizabeth and this is my husband Geo."She curtsy in responds," As too you." The three of them sit down by the table and being to talk. "So, Moka what brings you here?" Moka looks at Elizabeth," I am lost and Geo said that we could figure this out." Elizabeth raises an eyebrow," What do you mean you lost?" "When I went to sleep last night I was in my bed and when I woke up I was in the forest."Elizabeth's eyebrow stays risen as she responds," You don't know where you are?" Moka shakes her head," No I don't." Geo looks at Moka and says," Well we are in Gielinor." Moka looks at him," Do you mean the place where Runescape is?" Geo looks at her in shock," You know what Runescape is?!" She nods," Yes me and some friends played it." Geo stands up," We must go talk to the king."

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