Stole my Heart ( A Liam Payne fan fiction)

A girl named Macey meets One Direction at a concert backstage during the summer. ( I know it isn't summer currently ) Will this change Macey's life forever? Read to find out.


2. What, I overslept?

( Macey's Pov)

I woke up to screeching sound outside of my room. It sounded like my sister and her friends I yelled " Shut up Lily I'm trying to sleep." the screeching continued and I gave up and got out of bed and then looked at the time. 7:00??!! OMG I overslept. I was supposed to get to school at 8:00 today, but I guess I can never be as early as I plan to.

( Time Skip: at school)

(Madi's Pov)

I was planning to meet Angie and Macey at school at 8:00 today to get to talk more but Macey was running late. Again. " Angie what do you think she's doing to make her this late I mean its almost 9:45 am 1st period starts at 10:15." " I dont know probably drooling over her posters of Liam or stalking his twitter." Angie replied. She has always been one of those sassy girls when things don't go as planned. We planned to hang out and explain our plans for after school to her. " If she isn't here in 10 min-" I was interrupted by my phone playing Zayn's solo in what makes you beautiful- My ring tone for when Macey calls me. I quickly answered. "Hello?" " Hey Madi sorry, I overslept and will be there in about 5 minutes" " 'Kay meet me and Angie by my locker." " 'Kay see you in 5 minutes."

( Time skip: at Madi's locker)

(Macey's Pov)

I felt bad for being late I literally sprinted to school this morning. I saw Madi and Angie at Madi's locker, which is a few lockers down from mine, so i decided to go to mine first. When i got to my locker i like literally jumped like 10 feet in the air. Okay maybe I'm over exaggerating but Madi and Angie scared me when they yelled "Macey where have you been?" I responded with "Guys calm down i overslept i would have been here sooner, but my mom made me eat breakfast, you know how she is when i don't eat she thinks I'll be anorexic or something if i don't eat." Oh yeah i forgot gymnastics and cheer leading is like my life I spend like half of my day on my trampoline or just doing hand stands, that's why I'm so skinny, even though i eat like Niall, I'm always hungry but I'm skinny because of gymnastics."Hello, Earth to Macey?" Oh yeah i forgot i was at school. "Yeah?" "Are you coming, first period starts in a few minutes?" "Yeah hold on a sec." I got my books for Geometry, my first class. Everyone calls me a nerd or something because of my high grades, but Madi and Angie just say everyone is jealous. I got my books and Madi, Angie and I walked to first period. We are all in Geometry first period. When we got there we were of course late because of me. Ms. Mohar, our teacher didn't care because we just started school today.

(Time skip: After school)

(Angie's Pov)

I am so excited for Macey's party today! Me and Madi had to stall her after school so ours and her family could set it up. We had it all planned out the theme would be One Direction and we would decorate it purple, her favorite color. Anyways gotta go stalling time.


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