Stole my Heart ( A Liam Payne fan fiction)

A girl named Macey meets One Direction at a concert backstage during the summer. ( I know it isn't summer currently ) Will this change Macey's life forever? Read to find out.


1. Hi, I'm Macey...

( Macey's Pov)
Hi, I'm Macey I'll tell you a brief description about me. I'm 16, but my birthday is in a few days, the same as Niall Horan's from One Direction. I have naturally straight blonde hair. I love gymnastics and cheerleading. My best friend's names are Madi and Angie. They are both 17 and we all are dedicated Directioners. Madi's favorite member is Zayn, Angie's is Niall and mine is Liam. Madi's favorite color is blue, Angie's is pink and mine is purple. It's not purple because it's Liam's I liked the color since I was about 13. My sister is 13 she likes Harry and is literally obssesed with him. Her name is Lily and her and her friends are little Directioners and follow them on twitter and she even faked being sick do she could watch one of their twitcams. Anyways their concert is on Saturday and all of the tickets are sold out ��.
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