You Let Go

Juliet couldn't ever let go of Blake. But he let go of her. It's not her fault she gets all quirky when she's drunk.
But when Blake leaves her, is it for his good, or hers?


4. Finally Talking

I answered my phone as I got out of the shower. My speakers blew out the last lyrics of Moments. 

"Uhm, Hello?" I asked

"Uh, Juliet?"

"Yes, who is this?"

"It's Blake"

I nearly dropped my phone, but let out a gasp so loud, I'm sure my parents in the other room probably heard. 

He let out a little laugh through the phone, and I blushed a little, even though it was stupid. 

"You still there?" He asked

"Yeah, I'm here. What'cha need?"

"Uhm, I was wondering if you'd wanna go see a movie? With Nick and Melissa of course!"

"Uh-huh, uhm, when are we going? So I can see if i'm available, I have a bit of a tight schedule lately!"

Lies. It was all lies. I hadn't done much with my life after the break-up. 

"Uh, how's 8 o'clock? About 2 hours from now? haha, sorry for the late call!"

"Uhm lemme look....uh...mhm...yeah I can go! See ya there Blake!"

"See you later babe"

"Ew, you're weird, just kidding!" I laughed and hung up the phone. Dropping it on my bed. 

I was going to the movies with Blake. Technically...



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