You Let Go

Juliet couldn't ever let go of Blake. But he let go of her. It's not her fault she gets all quirky when she's drunk.
But when Blake leaves her, is it for his good, or hers?


3. Adjusting


Once I saw the tweet  I knew Blake was definitely over me. He wanted nothing to do with me. He was over me, and I was the loner who was still devastating over the break-up. Did he even like me? Was it wrong for me to love him? Is he trying to hide that he really does miss me? I had to find out. But I wouldn’t. I didn’t want to just make him tell me. Because that would be really rude.   So I’ll just have to adjust to the fact that Blake won’t be there for me. That we won’t have those late-night texts. That he won’t call me at 5 am to wake me up as my personal alarm. That I won’t have someone to look forward to seeing in the halls.

Everything would be different now. Everything.  I decided to go to sleep early today. I needed to sleep my problems off.  Obviously I would have to refer to using my alarm clock now.

I had a dream. A dream of why Blake really broke up with me. He never liked me in the first place. He was probably forced to do it. He was always a good actor. I should’ve figured, he’s in Drama Club for Christ sake! It broke my heart thinking that Blake never really liked me. I always thought we had a great connection. But don’t all girls think that when they’re in a relationship?

Passing through the halls was easy because Melissa, my best friend, already knew the whole incident. She walked to class with me, giving Blake the death glare whenever he passed by. Which obviously, made me burst out laughing once he was a good distance away. He always seemed scared of Melissa.

Getting back home was a breeze, because I could now just drive to and from school. The only bad part was 4th period biology. Where Blake was my partner. We had to do every assignment together. He gave me a look, and when we both reached for the test tube I could’ve sworn he blushed a little. But I have no clue, because he quickly pulled away and went to look for something in his backpack.

How cute of him, to hide the fact that he probably misses me. Probably though, probably misses me.

The rest of the week followed with more biology incidents and death-glares.

I was adjusting pretty well in my own opinion.

That was until Blake called me on Saturday….

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