You Let Go

Juliet couldn't ever let go of Blake. But he let go of her. It's not her fault she gets all quirky when she's drunk.
But when Blake leaves her, is it for his good, or hers?


1. Letting Go

 He looked into my eyes with his cold hard stare. I couldn't help but blush a little, no matter how bad the situation was.  His grip on my hands got tighter the more I blushed. The palms of my hands were getting sweaty and his stare was aiming me down. I tried to look away but he would tighten his grip, making me wince a little.

“Do it.” He spoke

“Do what?” I blurted out in a whisper

“Run. Stay far away from here. I want you to find someone else. Now.....GO!” he commanded

The grip on my wrists was let go,  but the marks of his fingers were engraved through the rushed blood in my arm. It made me smile a little, but I quickly wiped that off my face. I turned around, looked around the room and found my bag. I loved him so much, but he wanted me gone. None of this was really my fault. I shouldn’t be being blamed. But of course, I am, and there’s nothing I can do. Nothing. That word always bothers me. It makes the world seem all empty and pointless.

I took one last look back at him. One last look and a tear fell down my face. One last look at Blake.

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