Existance is Irrelevant {Stuck Between 2 Daddys Sequel}

Rylee here, soon to be Rylee Horan. I just got done with a pregnancy scare, a broken leg, and a fight with my stepmum. All in around 6 months. Cute, huh? Yeah, no. I'm not cute. I'm a bitch. Straight up. But I love my fiance to death, Niall Horan. Yes yes, One Direction's Niall Horan. Quit your fangirling, pick up your ovaries, and get to reading. I'm sure you wouldn't have the slightest idea what goes on until you've read what REALLY goes on.
*Don't read if you haven't read the original Stuck Between Two Daddys*


3. Wedding Dresses and Death Beds


  I woke up the next morning and rolled over to Niall's side of the bed, thinking you know, Niall's body might be there. To my not-so-surpise, he wasn't there. I opened my eyes and saw a note on the pillow      "Got a text from Liam, gtta be at the studio xtra early. love u  didnt wanna wake u xx -niall"     I crumpled up the note and threw it into the wastebin. I got up, groaning, hearing Poncho scratching at the door.     Thanks babe. Forgetting to keep the door open and letting Poncho back in.     I opened the door and Poncho immediately started jumping on me. Gah, that dog. I put food and water in his bowls and walked into the kitchen to see Maura drinking tea and reading the newspaper.     "Goodmorning." she said, turning to me with a smile.     I smiled back, "Morning."     "I made some tea and waffles. The waffles are in the oven and the tea is in the pot."  Maura said, reading the newspaper again.     I thanked her and grabbed the waffles and poured the tea into the cup and sat at the table. "So, what are you doing today?" I asked her, putting syrup on my waffles.     "Hmm... How about we look at wedding dresses?" she asks and smiles at me.     I groan. The day I've been dreading. "Might as well get it over with..." I say, taking a bite.     "Oh c'mon! We got 6 months until your wedding. We need to get everything taken care of." Maura says, drinking her tea.     "I know, I know." I let her win this battle and I finish eating in silence.     "Go get dressed." Maura says to me while I'm putting my dishes in the dishwasher.  I go upstairs and grab my "LOVE" Sweatshirt, pull on some red skinny jeans and pink flats. (the outfit is on my polyvore. justine-elise)     I quickly hurry back down, grab my phone and check it. 3 messages from Niall.     "babe we needa tlk. i heard sumthin. call me xx" "u stil sleepin? god damn. call me. soon. xx" "k call."     I get worried and call Niall. On the 3rd ring, he answers. Getting back to normal again.     "Hello?" I hear his beautiful Irish accent say.     "Hey... Is everything okay?" I ask, hesitant.     "I just wanted to hear your voice." he says, I can hear a smile in his voice.     This makes me smile. "Liar. What do you want?"     He chuckled. "I saw something on twitter today."     "Mkay...?" That could honestly mean anything.     "Are you going wedding dress shopping with my mam?"     I burst out laughing. "This was worth 3 texts?" Oh my God. You're so weird, Niall.     He started laughing too. "You didn't answer my question!" He squeezed in between laughs.     I calmed my laughter down. "Yes, I'm going wedding dress shopping with your mum. What's so bad about that?" I ask.     "I love you, Rylee...You may die." he says. I can hear a smile in his voice.     "Shutup." I laugh. "Okay, I gotta go to my death bed now. Call or text when there actually is an emergency. I'll see you tonight."     He chuckes. "Okay babe." and hangs up. No goodbyes, 'I love you's. Just 'Okay babe.' so non-chalantly. I pick up my purse and call for Maura.     "Coming!" She comes running down the stairs and opens the door. "Your wedding dress awaits." she says with a smile.     I make an uncomfortable face and just walk out the door to the car.      My death bed awaits.
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