Existance is Irrelevant {Stuck Between 2 Daddys Sequel}

Rylee here, soon to be Rylee Horan. I just got done with a pregnancy scare, a broken leg, and a fight with my stepmum. All in around 6 months. Cute, huh? Yeah, no. I'm not cute. I'm a bitch. Straight up. But I love my fiance to death, Niall Horan. Yes yes, One Direction's Niall Horan. Quit your fangirling, pick up your ovaries, and get to reading. I'm sure you wouldn't have the slightest idea what goes on until you've read what REALLY goes on.
*Don't read if you haven't read the original Stuck Between Two Daddys*


4. Peacocks and Wedding Planners


  We pull up into the bridal store, while Maura is blabbering on about some kind of wedding planner, I don't know. I kinda tuned her out after the wedding cake story. I was playing on my phone the whole time, and everytime she would ask a question, I'd make a noise. She knew I wasn't listening.     I got out of the car and started walking towards the door before Maura stopped me. "Rylee?" she said. Not like a question, but more like she was waiting for me to do something. Like a flip.      "Yes...?" I say, weirdly.     She puts her hand out. "Phone.     "Why?" I say, mad. Why does she gotta take my phone? I'm not going to sext while I'm in the dressing room. People should do that in the privacy of their own home.     "I am not risking you & Niall's marriage. He cannot see the dress before the wedding. You cannot send any pictures to anybody and definitely not post it on twitten or whatever you kids call it these days." Maura explains. I roll my eyes and put my phone in her hand, making sure it's locked and secure.     "It's twitter. And there." I say and walk into the bridal store this time.     My God, it's Bridezilla heaven. There's flowers and dresses and jewlrey and those little thingies the groom takes off the bride's leg with his teeth to mortify her parents. God damn, I died. And not in the good way. In the horrible, Devil is hitting me with his little pitchfork death.     Maura squeezes my arm and smiles at me. "Isn't this exciting?"     "Uh... If you like this sorta thing..." I say, mumbly. She pulled me along to a very tall and skinny lady. She looked like a man.      "Jenette, this is my soon-to-be daughter in-law, Rylee!" she introduced me and all of a sudden I was filled with hugs of a woman I do not know who has quite the grasp. I bet she played sports in high school. I hugged back, slightly before I pulled away.     "I am so sorry. I didn't introduce myself. I am Jenette Schatz. I will be helping you pick out the dress of your dreams today!" she said with a smile. A fake smile I must add. She hates her job.     I just nod and I follow her over to where the traditional wedding dresses are. " Here's some of our more traditional wedding dresses. What's the theme of your wedding? " We sit down on a big white couch. Thank God I'm not on my period. This thing would be ruined.      "Uhm.. Peacock." I tell her.      She looks at me confused. "Peacock...?"     "Yes."     "Uh... I'll go see what I can do..." she gets up and goes to the back of the store where I can't see her. I'm one of the reasons as to why she hates her job.     I look at Maura and I see her staring at me. No, more like glaring at me. I flash her a smile and she rolls her eyes and hands me back my phone. "You are a nightmare to shop with."     I take my phone with a smile and say, "Pleasure of doing business with you." I text Jamie and realize, he's not gay anymore. So I text Danielle.     "Hey babeeeeeeeee" "lol haaay gurl haaaay xx" "watchu doin?" "nothin. just got out of dance thinkin bout getting some lunch. wbu? wanna come with? liam is busy with whatever" "hmmm im actually wedding dress shopping!!!!! woooh!!!...not >:\ wanna come by? were at jenette's gown town off the highway. we can get lunch after." "sounds good. be there in 15 min xx" "kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk"     I hand my phone back to Maura. "Danielle's coming. The party is ready to begin."     "Oh good golly..." Maura turns towards Jenette walking back and gives her a smile. "Find anything?"     "Uhm, yes... But I'm not sure if you'll like it." Jenette says, looking at me. She motions me to come to the backroom with her and I walk in to find this GORGEOUS dress. And if I say it's gorgeous, it's gotta be god damn gorgeous. It's this white strapless dress, down to the ground, with light blue lining and little peacock feathers at the bottom. (*A/N* The dress I'm talking about is on etsy.com)     "I love it! I'll take it! How much is it? I'm a 7. Just get me fitted and I want it!" I said immediately as I examined it to make sure it was real.     "It's 5,600 euros. Is that too pricey?" she said, hesitant.     "NO! I will pay right here, right now." A smile spread on both Maura's & Jenette's faces. I pulled my wallet out. I grab my credit card.     Jenette starts laughing. "Let's get you fitted first. I'm loving this enthusiasm though!" She pulls me into a dressing room with a measurement tape and starts measuring me in very...odd places. After the molestation is done, I grab my wallet again and I hand my credit card to Jenette when Danielle walks in.     I run over to Danielle like a little girl, giggling. "Wanna see my dress?!?!" I ask atleast 10 times.      She looks at me. "Where'd Rylee go?" she says with a laugh. "But yes, I'd love to see your dress."     I practically drag her to the backroom and she is just as speechless as I was. "Wow. So beautiful. It'll look amazing on you."     I smile and Jenette comes back with my credit card. "The dress should be fitted in 2-3 weeks. We'll call you." I smile and thank her and I go to the car with Danielle since Maura doesn't want to come to lunch with us.     "Where you wanna go?" I ask her.    "Hmmm. How about some kind of bread company? I really want a panini." Danielle answers while pulling out of the parking lot.     " Sounds go--" I get cut off by what my eyes just saw on the sidewalk.
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