Existance is Irrelevant {Stuck Between 2 Daddys Sequel}

Rylee here, soon to be Rylee Horan. I just got done with a pregnancy scare, a broken leg, and a fight with my stepmum. All in around 6 months. Cute, huh? Yeah, no. I'm not cute. I'm a bitch. Straight up. But I love my fiance to death, Niall Horan. Yes yes, One Direction's Niall Horan. Quit your fangirling, pick up your ovaries, and get to reading. I'm sure you wouldn't have the slightest idea what goes on until you've read what REALLY goes on.
*Don't read if you haven't read the original Stuck Between Two Daddys*


8. Breath Mints & Water


  After I had lit the joint, I looked at it. I heard somebody opening my bedroom door and in walked Niall again saying, "I forgot my phone charg--" and looked at me. "Rylee... What are you doing?"     I realized what it must've looked like. "It is not what you think." I said quickly. I dipped the lit side into a glass of water to put it out and threw it in the wastebin.      Niall stepped closer to me. " Hypocrite much? "     "I didn't... No. And don't even try to pull one on me. I'm still pissed at you." I said to Niall.  "You can't get away with this shit that easily. Now get what you came back for and leave."     "No.     "Yes."     "No." Niall went over and sat firmly on the bed and pulled me onto his lap. "I love you, Rylee. And I'm sorry."     My phone started vibrating and I reached over for it when Niall grabbed my wrist. "Don't.     I nodded and just left it vibrating and looked at him. "Why did you do it? You saw the effect the drugs had on me." I asked him.     "Just to try it out, honestly. I don't know what I was thinking. Mostly I thought you wouldn't find out." Niall admitted, and started playing with my fingers.     "Your  blood shot eyes, your smokey breath, you staying out late, your secret calls and text me ssages. Either you'd been cheating on me or you'd been smoking. It's honestly not that hard to figure out." I explained to him, watching him play with my fingers.     "How did you find out anyway?" He asked, looking back up at me.     "Doesn't matter."     "Rylee..."     "Okay..." I sighed. "I started getting these really weird text messages. I don't know who they were from. But they kept saying you were hiding something from me, yadeeyadeeyada. And then they sent me pictures of you picking up a bag of weed from this guy. And then I texted you." I explained everything without looking into his eyes.     "Can I see the messages?" he asked, darting his eyes to my phone and back at me.     I nodded, got up, grabbed my phone and handed it to him. He went through my messages, found the conversation and looked at the pictures. "My ass looks good." Niall said, staring at the picture.      I laughed and grabbed my phone back. "Okay, Zayn." He laughed back and leaned in for a kiss. I pulled back and handed him a breath mint. "I don't want smokey breath on me. He took the breath mint, popped it in his mouth and kissed me. It didn't feel the same though...      "Who was the guy you were getting the drugs from and how did you meet him?" I asked after our awkward kiss.     "I met him on tour. He had been selling weed outside of the show and security sent him off, but I had actually been talking to him before he got caught and we exchanged numbers. I don't know his name. His name isn't saved to my phone. We thought that'd be best." Niall explained, looking at me.     I just nodded and looked down. "I didn't smoke it." I confessed.     "I know." is all Niall said before his own phone vibrated.     I looked at him. "Please."     He looked at who was calling and saw it was Louis. "I got to.     I groaned and got up as he answered the phone.     "Hey man." Niall said. "Where? Why? I don't want to go. Because I'll end up cursing and getting in trouble with management. Yes I will. Shut up. Fuck it. She's a bitch that no one likes. No. Dude. That's not funny. Okay, yeah it is. Just meet me here before you go. I don't know if she'll wanna come. No. I'll ask." he put his phone away from his ear. "Babe, wanna go to dinner with the guys?" he asked me. I just shrugged and he put the phone back to his ear. "Yeah, we'll be there. Alright. See you then. Bye." he ended the call and I sat back on his lap.     "Where are we going?" I asked him.     "Some Oriental place downtown that just opened up. Should be pretty prestigious.     I nodded. "Where do you not want to go?"     "Ugh. Management wants me to be some poster child for some thing. I don't even know. But me? A poster child? Fuck to the no." Niall said, shaking his head.     I laughed. "Awh come on. You'd be adorable." I stuck my tongue out at him.     He smiled and flicked it. "Oh you hush." he kissed me awkwardly again before Poncho jumped on us, barking.  "Someone needs to go out." I got up for Niall to take him out and watched him leave the room with him in his arms. I just shook my head and went into my closet to figure out what I'm going to wear.
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