Summer of a lifetime

When Taylor and her BFF MacKayla deside to Fly to the UK to try out for x-factor they meet 5 guys known as one direction this would be a summer of a lifetime


19. The weeks up

Taylor's POV it's  been a week and Simon wants to hear the song now I was so nervous that he wouldn't like it but anyways it was 9am and Liam was trying to wake me up but it wasn't working "Taylor wake up....Taylor....TAYLOR!!!"Liam shouted and I slapped him in the face gently and jokingly "where's the snooze button"I said sleepily "wanna try to find it"Liam replied jokingly 

"your as bad as Harry "I said "oh am I"Liam said in a devious voice "oh yes you are you naughty boy"I teased "but that's why I love you"I said sweetly and sat up on the bed then liam attacked me with kisses "bad boy"I teased him "you no you like it"he teased back at me "your Turing into Harry...I like it"I replied to him then got ready for 'life or death' with Simon  then liam piked me up carried me downstairs and threw me on the couch "Liam!"I laughed "your such a child liam"I joked "maybe I am"he replied "we'll I have to go meet Simon at the studio ill see you later babe "I said and kissed liam on the cheek then walked to my and met Simon at the studio "we'll let me hear the song"Simon said "ok Simon what ever you say goes "I said referring to last nights Simon says conversation. I sang the song for Simon "I wish I could say I hated it but it was ok"Simon said "who hurt you so bad you can't love?" I asked laughing "haha very funny...brat"Simon replied "I'm not putting the song on your album"he said "why not?!"I asked  "it's not good enough you could do better"Simon repliedv

"that's not fare it's my album I should be able to choose my own songs!!"I protested 

"oh god don't be another Cher Lloyd not another brat"Simon said "what I say goes"Simon added 

"we'll I'm not playing this round of Simon says"I replied and stormed out.when I got home I sat on the couh with a mad look liam came over to me "what'd wrong babe?"he asked me "Simon won't put the song on the album!!"I replied "why not?!"Liam asked "because he doesn't think it's good enough"I said  "but it's your album you  should put whatever songs on it you want " "not acorrding to Simon"I replied.liam sat next to me and I put my head on his shoulder "it'll be ok Taylor "Liam whispered to me


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