Summer of a lifetime

When Taylor and her BFF MacKayla deside to Fly to the UK to try out for x-factor they meet 5 guys known as one direction this would be a summer of a lifetime


11. The show

Taylor's POV it was almost time for me to go on when Liam came up behind me and said "good luck Tay not that you need it " I smiled and kissed him on the cheek little did I no Louis took a pic of me kissing Liam's cheek and posted it on twitter with the caption:friends with benefits ,"LOU!!!"I screamed and he chuckled and walked was my turn to go on stage and sing *5 minutes later*i walked off stage leaving my faith in England's hands and to my surprise Simon said I was he best he'd seen all night and of course when I walked backstage liam ran up to me and gave me a big hug "you did great Tay "Liam said to me "thanks"I replied "so me and the boys are going to the beach tomorrow care to join us?"Liam asked god his British accent made it so hard to refuse anything it was just so hot "sure"I replied with a smile and Simon came over "Taylor you did a amazing job "Simon said "yep she did"Liam replied with a smile and Simon looked at Liam with a 'stay away from her' look on his face and Liam whimpered I laughed one thing about Simon is no matter how hard he tries he can't scare me I'm just to evil deep down inside and that's a side to me no one wants to see
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