Summer of a lifetime

When Taylor and her BFF MacKayla deside to Fly to the UK to try out for x-factor they meet 5 guys known as one direction this would be a summer of a lifetime


1. The call

Taylors P.O.V
It was 8:00am saturday morning school had just ended and i had nothing to do this summer i wanted a challange a adventure something to get me noticed that's when my phone rang of course it was no other than my BFF MacKayla
I answered the phone "TAY GUESS WHAT!!!!!"Kayla said "Kayla this better be important for waking me up early on Saturday -_-"I replied "it is!!!!!!"Kayla replied "I GOT US PLANE TICKETS TO THE UK TO TRY OUT FOR XFACTOR !!!"Kayla replied with cheer "NO WAY!!!"I replied "YEAH WAY!!"Kayla replied "when's the flight?!"I asked "tomorrow 10am"Kayla replied "we better start packing then Kayla"I replied "yea see ya tomorrow Tay"Kayla replied "k bye Kayla" I replied
and hung up I couldn't believe what I just heard we where going to audition for the x-factor it was a dream come true this has to be perfect I have to prove to the judges I'm the next big star I had to impress them especially Simon one mistake and your out with him this had to be perfect it just had to . *later that day* it was 10:00am 24 hours away from goin to the UK I decided to put on some one direction while I packed I couldn't believe I would be walking on the same stage as they did in 2010 this almost seemed to good to be true it seemed like a dream . MacKayla's P.O.V I had finished packing and decided to go to the mall to get a new outfit for my audition I called Tay and she was going to meet me there *20 minutes later* me and tay met at the mall and went to our fav store jcpenny I picked out a gold dress for $30.99 and Tay picked out a hot pink top with a purple skirt for $50.00 after we finished shopping we went to my house and started playin one direction my room was covered in there posters my mom says I'm obsessed but I say I'm dedicated I decided to sing it will rain by Bruno mars for my audition and Tay decided to sing wings by little mix . At about 5;00pm Tay went home to finish packing for tomorrow I couldn't wait
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