Summer of a lifetime

When Taylor and her BFF MacKayla deside to Fly to the UK to try out for x-factor they meet 5 guys known as one direction this would be a summer of a lifetime


24. 'special' time

taylors POV it was 10pm and me and liam where watching some movies and where making out me and liam went to our room and layed down on the bed making out i started to unbutton his shirt and take it off we kept kissing within 10 minutes we had no clothes on "are you sure about this?"liam asked

"100% sure"i replied and smiled liam smiled back and kissed me, "enjoying?"liam asked laughing "very much"i replied and i dont think i have to get into detail maybe next time i will but you no what happened next, about a hour later we fell asleep cuz we were very tired....very tired....oh god im turning  into hazza 

liams POV i woke up at 10:00am took a shower got dressed and went in the kitchen to make breakfast... then the boys walked in the house "HEY LIAM!"niall shouted laughing "hey"i replied "so..."harry said "what?"i asked "did you do it?"harry asked "non of your business"i said avoiding the question "OMG YOU DID"louis shouted "so?"i said "our little liams growing up"niall and zayn fake cried "oh shut up"i laughed 

"so  was it good?"harry asked "it"niall said and cracked up "your so immature"louis said to harry and niall

"it was ok"i said lying cuz it was awesome "IT!!"niall shouted laughing histerecly "someone needs to throw  niall in a loony bin"zayn said "wheres kayla"i asked "shes at a friends house"louis said 

taylors POV i woke up at about 11:00am and took a shower got dressed and went in the kitchen my legs hurt sooo bad "good morning"i said tired "good morning"harry zayn louis and niall said in unison

"morning love"liam said and kissed me on the cheek i sat down in a chair and wimpered because of the pain

"you ok?"liam asked me "it hurts"i replied and everyone started laughing....well everyone besides me and liam

harry as the jerk he is comes over to me and sits on my lap "OWWWW!!!"i screamed and pushed him on the floor "liam what did you do to her"harry said jokingly "lots of things"liam said and smirked 

"next person to sit on my lap gets thrown out a window"i warned "good to no.."niall said a tad bit scared we ate our breakfast and watched tv

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