Summer of a lifetime

When Taylor and her BFF MacKayla deside to Fly to the UK to try out for x-factor they meet 5 guys known as one direction this would be a summer of a lifetime


8. ready to go?

Liam's POV it was 7:30 when i started getting ready when all of a sudden Louis comes up to me "where are you going mr.payne?"Louis asked "none of your business lou"i replied,  when i tried to walk out of the room Louis blocked me "TELL ME BEFORE I SCREAM!!!!"Louis yelled," late lou"i replied,right when i was about to walk out of the door to pick up Taylor Louis blocked me again "lou let me out"i replied with a pout on my face,"tell me where your going first liam"Louis argued " taking taylor out for dinner"i replied "I NEW IT U LIKE TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!"louis screamed at the top of his lungs "GEEZ lou dont announce it to the whole entire world!!"i said "awww but i want to"louis replied jokingly then let me out the door "have fun but not to much fun"louis said laughing "ha.ha very funny lou"i replied while rolling my eyes then i went out to my car and drove to the hotel taylor was staying at i walked inside and to her room i knocked on the door , mackayla answered "hey?"she said confused "hi..."i replied "so whatcha doin here?"kayla asked "wheres taylor?"i asked avoiding her question "i dont no i dont stalk her every move"kayla replied back i chuckled,then taylor walked up behind her "hey"taylor said to me "hey"i replied and couldnt help but smile at her "well...ill just leave u to love birds alone sooo um...bye"kayla said and walked away "well ready to go?"taylor asked me "well its only 7:45 we still have 15 minutes to spear"i replied "hmm...wanna go for a walk on the beach?"taylor asked me "sure"i said back and we went to the beach walking along the sun set holding hands smiling "its a beautiful night"i said "beautiful sunset"taylor replied and i nodded "liam..."taylor said "yes love?"i replied "do you like me...u no like like me...?"she asked and i hesitated i couldnt belive she asked me that was it that obvious?? "ummm....i...ummm"was all i could manage to say taylor chuckled "liam its ok if u do"she said "well....i...yea i do like u taylor"i said and she smiled     "i like you to"taylor replied and i smiled "well its almost 8 we should go now"i said and we walked to the car i opened the door for taylor then closed it and got in i drove us to a resteraunt nothing to fancy but it was nice we went inside and sat down taylor sat next to me and rested her head on my shoulder   i smiled we ordered our  food  and ate then i dropped taylor off at her hotel room and went home louis came right up to me and said "SOO MR.PAYNE WHERE DID U TAKE TAYLOR?AND DID U DO ANYTHING I SHOULD NO ABOUT?"louis shouted "i took her out to dinner like i said i was going to and no i didnt do anything you should no about"i replied "good"louis said and skipped down the hall to his room....some times he can be very very weird and on that note i went to bed

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