Summer of a lifetime

When Taylor and her BFF MacKayla deside to Fly to the UK to try out for x-factor they meet 5 guys known as one direction this would be a summer of a lifetime


5. Nandos

Taylor's POV *20 minutes later * we arrived at nandos and went inside luckily we where the only people there so there wernt fans asking for autographs constintly .we sat down at a table and Liam was sitting next to me I could feel his eyes staring at me it sent a cold chill down my spine i looked over at him and he looked away he was so cute when he acted all shy.
We ordered our food and ate we decided to go back to the hotel so the boys drove us there then Liam stopped me before I went inside "here "Liam said "what is it ?"I asked
"my number"Liam replied shyley I smiled I put the number away and went inside with Kayla
I layed down on my bed staring at the ceiling "this day keeps getting better and better"I said
"ohh what happened!!!"Kayla replied excitedly
"well Liam gave me his number..."I replid shyley
"awwwwww Tay that's so cute "Kayla replied "do you think he likes me?"I asked
"OBVIOUSLY !!!"Kayla shouted with excitement "do u like him to?!"Kayla asked me
"idk kind of I guess"I replies lying "you to would be such a cute couple "Kayla said
"dude we just met today!"I replied "I know but it's just so cuuuuteeee with a capital C"Kayla replied
I rolled my eyes it was rediculous me and Liam just met and everyone thinks we should date
At 10:00pm I checked twitter and to my surprise Liam followed me and tweeted
me:@"tay_Directioner hey hi umm hey :3"I laughed at that tweet he was even nervous online
I swear he was just to cute. MacKayla and I went to sleep All I could think about all night was Liam
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