Summer of a lifetime

When Taylor and her BFF MacKayla deside to Fly to the UK to try out for x-factor they meet 5 guys known as one direction this would be a summer of a lifetime


17. Lunch with uncle Simon

Taylor's POV it was 12:00pm and I was getting ready to go to lunch with Simon.liam wanted to come but Simon said it was strictly me and he doesn't want anyone else interfering witch made Liam a tad mad,I was ready to go and about to walk out the door when Liam grabbed my wrist "Liam let go"I ordered "I don't want to"Liam teased "Liam please let go"I begged "never "Liam replied "your such a child"I chuckled "NUH uh"he said "your acting like one babe"I replied and he blushed "come on babe let go ill be back"I said and he finally let go I kissed him on the cheek and walked out to my car to meet Simon.i got out of my car and sat at a table with Simon "your late"he said "everyone's late according to you"I replied and he gave me the evil eye...oh wait he always does that I think it's just natural.we ordered our food "we'll if you must no why I'm late it's because Liam was being a child and wouldn't let me walk out the door"I said "don't let him do anything stupid your career is just starting and we don't need him messing it up"Simon replied
"I don't think you have to worry about Liam he's the most responsible in the group "I replied
"Don't take any chances"Simon replied "anyways did you bring the songs?"he asked "yea" I gave him the songs and he looked them over "these are all love songs nothing up beat" he said
"That's the only type of music I'm good at writing"I replied "we'll ill admit your a good writer"Simon said "but you need something better for your debut album to keep the fans you have interested"Simon commented "we'll what do you suggest?"I asked "you either get some inspiration or I can get savan to write some songs for you like I had him do for one direction"Simon replied
"I'll try..."I replied then my phone rang my ringtone for Liam was lwwy and of course he was calling "hello"I answered "hi"Liam said "what do you want?"I asked "just wanted to say hi"Liam replied "bye" I said and chuckled then hung up "I'm giving you a week to come up with a good upbeat song "Simon said and left what am I gonna do....,I went back home "yay your home!!"Liam shouted like a little kid and ran up to me giving me a big hug "hi..."I said
"What's wrong babe?"Liam asked "Simons giving me a week to right a upbeat song for the album"I replied "that's easy"Louis said joining our conversation "not for me I'm only good at writing love songs "I sighed "we can help you"Liam replied "really?"I asked "yea you just need to let loose have some fun where the perfect guys to help you with that"Louis replied "thanks guys"I smiled they are the best boys ever
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